Instagram & Pets: How to Make Your Pet Famous on Instagram

Ever since the first websites and forums emerged on the internet, animals have been right in the center of all attention.


From funny Reddit pet stories to Instagram accounts fully dedicated to cute animals – it’s safe to say we are never running out of animal content. Especially when it comes to cats and dogs.


Some of the biggest pet profiles on Instagram have well over 10 million followers. Like, @jiffpom for example. People just can’t get enough of tiny and fluffy dogs on Instagram.


But, wherever the pet – it’s possible to achieve this kind of internet success


Remember, it’s not all about the fluff and the pink collars. It’s about strategy, personality, and one heck of a story.


So, let’s unpack the root cause for this internet pet obsession and what makes it so popular today.


The Story


Everyone and their momma loves animals, duh. But what makes one pet on Instagram outshine the rest? There’s always a couple of profiles that carry the niche’s entire “team” so to say. Pet icons like Grumpy Cat have managed to pave the way for all the popular feline faces of today. 


So here are some things that usually make people want to follow pet profiles:


  • A really interesting background or rescue story 


  • Unique and engaging content (videos do extraordinary well)


  • Posting as your pet (from their perspective). This one is super fun for both you and your audience. It’s a cute, almost movie-like method of storytelling that captures a lot of attention. 


  • TikTok content. This one is a holy grail in 2020. Following all TikTok trends with your pet through engaging and funny videos is a very fast way of building an audience. Also, linking your Instagram and TikTok profiles will merge the two audiences. 


Taking advantage of some of the most popular social media networks to build your brand, or in this case, your pet’s name is a very clever marketing method. 


Pet Business Account On Instagram


Creating a profile on Instagram for your pet is one thing. But switching to business-mode quite literally means, well, business.


You’ll also gain access to all sorts of features crucial for growth and development. For example, the Insights feature is a great source for your profile’s progress.


You can see which posts were more successful and at what time is your audience the most active. You will also be able to see how many Impressions you have per post or Instagram Story. 


Pinpointing these aspects of your progress will help identify what you’re doing right or wrong. Building a huge following and a loyal audience should be the number one priority – hence why services like Flock Social exist. To make your Instagram growth perfectly easy and 100% organic.


Check out here their amazing growth plans and features!


And as for the animals, they can do no wrong in our eyes! It’s all about marketing. 


Speaking of which…


The Content & Strategy 


Every pet has a personality that is unique in some way. Your job is to recognize these traits and visualize them on Instagram. Through none other than amazing content


What you’re looking for in the beginning is variety. For example, post a collage of photos first, make sure they’re well edited too. Next, post a funny TikTok video. Those do amazing numbers, especially when they’re shot nicely.


And lastly, post a little Instagram storytime. The topic can be anything and everything. 


Spread that content throughout the week. Check out what time is best for posting, and keep up with that schedule.


Test out a couple of varieties until you find the best one number-wise. And voila! Your pet is an influencer now! 




Your pet is the real success factor here. Their charisma, cuteness, and wittiness are always in the spotlight. Everything else is just promoting and spreading the word about your amazing animal.


Let us know if some of these worked for you!



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