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Hiring A Professional Pet Sitter for your Dog or Cat

When considering hiring a pet sitter, we would suggest hiring ONLY professional pet sitters if you want the security and peace of mind while you are gone. By hiring a professional In Indian Trail you will more than likely be hiring someone who is bonded and insured, as well as experienced in taking care of different types of pets. By hiring a professional you will need to look for someone who will ask you many questions about your pet’s health, habits, training, eating habits, behavior habits, and more. By getting as much information as possible about your pets before you leave a professional pet sitter is in the best position to step into your shoes (as much as possible) to help your pet feel comfortable while you are away from home. Professional pet sitters know that merely putting down food and water is only the beginning of making an animal feel safe. Over time they develop a bond with your animal and begin to notice when something might be amiss. Pet parents in Indian Trail who are busy with day to day events may be too close to the pet to see subtle changes that a pet sitter might be able to see. Often pet sitters can alert you to changes in your pet before they become problems.
Consider too that a Professional Pet Sitter can be a welcome change for pets. The change in visitors to the house can mentally stimulate your pets because these events are something out of the ordinary day-to-day routine. Give your pets a vacation from you for a bit! This can be every bit as healthy to them as it is to you to get away for a bit. While walking dogs is beneficial to their health they also need mental stimulation to keep aging at bay and the dog mentally alert.
Keeping your pet at home also has all the well-known benefits of keeping them out of cramped crates or kennels at a boarding facility, giving the pet owner back time that would normally have been spent taking and picking up their pet from a boarding facility, avoiding exposure to the germs other pets may carry, as well as avoiding the stress of being in a kennel of barking dogs and crying cats that sometimes continue through the night and into the next day. In addition your pets should be getting some one-on-one attention which is often lacking in kennels.
When choosing the right alternative for your pet remember that not all sitters (or kennel operators) are Pet First Aid and CPR trained. There is also no Pet Sitter “license” (although the person or company doing the sitting may have a business license). It is important to ask what pet care experience your potential caretaker has in caring for animals. Be sure to ask all the questions that are important to you and give them as much information about your pet as possible (always in writing.) When writing down information about your pet you will realize how easy it is (even for you) to forget things about your pet. When you meet a professional pet sitter allow them to ask question about your pet(s) and make sure you are comfortable with their demeanor around your pet and amount of knowledge they seem to have.
Ultimately the decision to hire a Professional Pet Sitter or board your pet at a kennel is up to you, but if you have multiple animals or ones that are too large or small to put in a kennel you may want to have your pets stay at home with a Professional Pet Sitter. Trying to take a hamster in an aquarium, a cat in a crate, a fish bowl, and a dog to a vet’s office for boarding is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes it is easier (and safer to your mental health) to hire an In-Home Professional Pet Care Specialist for the times you need to be away from home.
Consider hiring Love and Kisses Pet Sitting for all your dog walking and pet sitting needs.  If it be a dog, cat, hamster, guinea pig, or another domestic pet, we are experienced and looking forward to caring for you pets.  Call us at 704-763-9857 
Love and Kisses Pet Sitting services Indian Trail, Weddington, Waxhaw, Mineral Springs, Wesley Chapel, Monroe, Stallings, Lake Park, and all areas of Union County.  We are bonded and insured for you protection.  






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