Indian Trail Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Tells How You Can Help Dogs and Cats in Shelters

As a Indian Trail Pet Sitter/Dog Walker I sit here today and read about all the dogs and cats in Charlotte NC that are in rescue organizations or shelters, I thought maybe I could write today’s blog about where to go and what you can do to help with all this poor dogs and cats.

It breaks my heart to see how many pets are lost or family’s that had to give up their pet for whatever reason.  Please share with other that are look for a pet to add to their family.Pats_dog_in_cabnet_447x600

There are many Facebook pages that you can go to to look at pictures from rescue groups that need foster families to keep the dog or cat until they can find them a home. Also, you can adopt from them.  I will list a few that I know of, and if you know of any please feel free to add in the comments field below..

If you can’t rescue of foster there are other things that you can do.  You can donate food, blankets, newspaper, treats, and monetary donations are always accepted. To do this, contact your local animal shelter to find out what they are in need of.  They will be very appreciative.

Please don’t turn you back on these little creatures, they NEED your help.

Dog in shelter



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