Indian Trail Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Gives Tips To Help You With Your Cat Litter.


GeorgousSome tips for helping you with your cats litter box.

What type of Cat Litter do you use?  Do not use the Crystals- When they clean their feet, it gets in their stomach. Use the natural clay, pine and/or corn.
Make sure you have at least 1 more litter box than you do cats. 2 cats = 3 boxes. Clean/Scoop every day. Twice a day if necessary.

Some cats  Will NOT use their box if anything is in it. Spoiled and very Clean cat. Unreal. They may walk around and cry if anything is in there and they have to go. You should have 3 litter boxes do litter patrol 3 times a day.

Also- make sure to use the largest litter box that is made.
A lot of fur parents make the mistake of getting to small a size of box- and the cat doesn’t want to use it. Think about the times you’ve been to a public restroom where you couldn’t get in because the door was 1″ from the toilet and it stunk. Same with cats- They want some room and they want it clean. Cats don’t like stink on their feet.
You need to change their litter box out  every 2 weeks and scrub the box with vinegar and baking soda.

Another great thing to do is use a litter liner.  First place about 4-6 pages of newspaper on the bottom of the pan. Then place the litter box liner over that. Then I put in about 6-8″ of litter. Make sure that about 2″ is left around the sides. That way, when you put the cover on you can pull the liner up around the sides. Then if Prince Charming accidentally does not get his rear down, the pea doesn’t get on the outside of the box. Make sure you use a litter box with a cover. Cats feel safer from being attacked while going. Use the largest litter liner X-Large-
Hope this helps.



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