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Why would YOU hire a Pet Sitter?  Ok, so you are getting ready to go on vacation and you ask your neighbor to “check in” on your dog or cat. They tell you sure, no problem.  All seems like it is in place right?  WRONG.   Let me tell you a story.

I received a call from a NEW client last night, telling me that she will NEVER have a neighbor look in on her pets ever again because when she got home from her lovely vacation her dog was just not right.  She took him to the veterinarian  to have him checked out.  It turns out the dog ate a stocking.  Yes, a stocking and the neighbor who was “checking  in” on the dog did not know what the signs to look for were.  The dog was very lethargic and not eating.  It turns out the dog  needed surgery to remove the stocking because it was stuck in the dog intestine.

Pet sitters know what to look for, it is their job to know if a dog is eating and having bowel movements.  The pet sitter has an emergency contact and the vets phone number to call.

Another story for you…

If you hire a kid up the block to pet sit for you, the kid up the block does not make checking in on Fido a main priority.  He or she has a lot of other things on their mind.  Sure, they will come in let the dog out drop some food in the dogs bowl and done with it.  Believe me when I tell you this, I have heard this so many clients.  When you HIRE a professional pet sitter, you can be sure (or at least with Love and Kisses Pet Sitting) that we will be there for your pet and make sure that he/she is being cared for in a way that you would care for your dog.  We make sure that the pet is getting plenty of exercise, eating well and doing the business out back on their walk.  We are hired to do job.  We have love for animals and will treat your pet the way we would want our pets to be treated.  WE ARE THE PROFESSIOANLS

With that said, would you now hire a neighbor or kid up the block or a Professional Pet Sitter to care for you fur baby while you are out of town?


Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is servicing Indian Trail, Weddington, Waxhaw, Stallings, Monroe, and most surrounding areas.  Give us a call to set up your FREE consultation.  You will be happy you did and so will your pet. 704-763-9857





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