Indian Trail Pet Sitters Warning About Playing With Tennis Balls.

Be very careful when playing ball with your dog!!!!


I have a warning about playing with tennis balls.  Ok, so we all love to play ball with our dogs, especially if you have a large yard here in Indian Trail for your dog to run around in.  I was playing ball with my dog yesterday and I had a scary thought about a story I remember hearing on the news a few years ago.  It was about a lab that caught the ball in his mouth and it got stuck in his throat.  It was on the news and the owner got so scared she took the dog in her car to the fire station and one of the fire man knew Pet CPR and was able to help her.


More Reasons Tennis Balls Are Dangerous To Dogs

Tennis balls are a terrible idea to use with dogs. There have been studies that show the glue on tennis balls eats tooth enamel. The larger breeds (like German Shepherds) have a tendency to chew up tennis balls when they get to be adults. If a dog eats a tennis ball it will often kill him because it gets stuck in his bowels.  Source There are alternatives to standard tennis balls.  Some have dog-friendly coatings and are safer for dogs that like to chew on tennis balls.

Still, you should think of tennis balls and other dog toys just as we do when buying toys for children. If the item would entirely fit within their mouth, then it’s not an appropriate toy.  Typically, that means that larger breed dogs should not be playing with tennis balls.

Attached here is some things that you can do if this happens to your dog……. click the link below….




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