Indian Trail Pet Sitter Shares Thoughts On The New Cat Toy Powered By The Sun

I would like to share my thoughts on a New Cat Toy.  With all the new technology out there today, it was a matter of time that the dogs and cats got a feel for it now.  While scanning the internet today, I came across a new cat toy that I thought was pretty cool.  I thought to myself what a great invention.  However, after much thought about this toy, I realized it might not be that great of a toy.  Thinking of what could happen if your cat got caught up in this toy. Click the link below and leave your thoughts below.


I am thinking of much better and cheaper toy that cats really like.  How about the old fashion bottle caps that they can swat across the floor or a stuffed mouse?  This new Cat Toy Powered By the Sun that Keeps Felines Busy While Your at Work scares me quite a bit.  Think of the possibilities of what can happen…. I would hate to walk in on that.  Really think this one through before you purchase this.  If you do buy this cat toy, make sure you are there while you cat or Kittens play with it.

Cats love toys, and they aren’t picky about where they come from!  Don’t spend money on expensive cat toys.  Instead, use a balled up piece of paper, a cork, or jungle bell, or anything else they can bat around the house.  To make the toy extra enticing, throw it in a tissue box that has the plastic part removed.  Cats will love sticking their paws inside to try to fish out the toy.

new cat toy



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