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Today’s post is different than the others that I normally blog about I am hoping that is blog will circulate all around the US. Help find missing dog.   We are in desperate need to find a dog named MOOSE.  Moose is a chocolate lab that has been missing for 50 days.  Moose’s family is in desperate need to find him.  I am asking each and everyone of you that read this blog will share it on your Facebook wall so that others can pitch in and SHARE this with everyone.

To those of you that know me, you know how passionate I am with the animals.  I have 3 dogs of my own and cannot even imagine  how these poor people feel or what they are going through.  With that said, I want to share some of the posts that the family who live in the Seven Paths and Lake Royale community in NC. Near Bunn & Spring Hope NC Lake Royale NC are going through.


DAY 42: NO MOOSE….But today, like 41 days before now… We have been given some tidbit of information about MOOSE…. immediately, I start praying, “God, PLEASE let be MOOSE!!!” I rush to where it is… fly up in someone’s yard, or business, or down some back road path…. butterflies in my stomach, just waiting to see that big, headed boy with his tongue hanging out, and Yelling out his name before I get out of the truck. Only to find out, it’s NOT Moose. It’s like losing him all over again, day after day. Me, my husband and son are hanging on to every phone call, email, text and Facebook post….. just waiting for the one that will be MOOSE.
I make huge decisions everyday. Yet today I can’t figure out if I should pay a tracker $500 a day, plus rent him a SUV and pay his gas and lodging to come and look for MOOSE. He says he is confident MOOSE is 1 mile from our home. I think if he were 1 mile from here, he would come home. He could hear us yell his name in the quite of the night, when everyone else has long gone to bed and we are still looking into the dark wondering where he could be. I think if he were a mile away, even further, he could hear the donkey who doesn’t seem to know what to do and snorts a an ungodly sound at 3 am!! My son, Turner, knows these woods better than anybody. He was born here and he has romped and stomped in them since he was old enough to walk. Him and his dad have hunted in and out of them for miles around. And they have walked and road for hours on end, cutting through thick briars and limbs, wading through creeks and swamps and there has been no sign of MOOSE. I just think if he were close enough and could come home…. he would come home.
SO WHAT DO YOU DO??? How long do you hold out that he will walk back up in the yard? How many times do you get your hopes up that THIS LEAD IS THE ONE??? THIS one is MOOSE!! I pray so hard….. I just don’t know what to do…..
If only we could start over…. to that moment…. when he went outside… I would NEVER let my eyes off him. It seemed so safe… it had happened hundreds of times. He went out…. did his business, and often came back with some sort of treat for me in his mouth… There for a while, he was getting “cow patties” from the pasture across the road!!! What in the world make a dog want to eat that??!! AND THEN, try to lick me in the face!!! I DO miss my silly MOOSE!!
Moose sitting
DAY 40…NO MOOSE… Is there really anything else to say? Round numbers sound so BIG… PLEASE..PLEASE come home MOOSE… I miss my TV partner!!
Desperate to have help finding our dog MOOSE!!! He left this morning 3/6/2013 on his normal… “run” and didn’t come home. We live in the Seven Paths and Lake Royale area of Franklin/Nash County, NC. He has on a teal collar. He is chipped. He has shorter than normal legs because he is an English lab. Weighs about 110#. He is a chocolate lab and is much like our child. He has NEVER spent the night outside. PLEASE help us find him. WE will gladly pay a reward. Please call 252-904-0328 or 252-904-0247
Moose cute face
Day 35: NO MOOSE… Still looking everywhere we go… Before work, after work… making calls when I can. My husband is making calls and looking at pictures. Moose might have been seen in a vehicle today… we are checking into that. Got so…me great tips to post signs at PET SMART… so we’ll do that too. Thanks to Denise Kannon who came by the hospital today and brought me 500 business cards of the MOOSE poster!!! They are fabulous!! We can leave them at stores and restaurants so people will have the information and number readily available if they see him!!!
I was getting some shoes out of my closet for work this morning and it reminded me of another crazy “MOOSE moment!” Turner had been tying fishing lines in his room with his door shut. For only a brief moment it was open and MOOSE slide in…. ALL of a sudden, he flew out of the room yelping and were trying to catch him… he was barking and yelping and twisting and turning…. we thought something had bite him…. He ran into our spare bedroom where my closet is… when he got in the closet, during all his nervousness, he pooped all over my shoes!!! We just could not catch him… I was crying and yelling at Dennis, who was yelling at Turner, was yelling at me…. and MOOSE was just barking and RUNNING!!!! He ran right out the door….. Just hit the door hard enough it opened. We all ran out after him!!! Turner finally caught him out in the yard, to find a treble hook stuck in the pad of his paw!!! We rushed him to the emergency vet and they removed it!!  Please help us find out dog!!!  We miss and love him so much.
DAY 27:…. AND STILL NO MOOSE… 27 days is long time…. I wonder what must be going through his mind. If somehow he thinks I’ve left HIM somewhere, or that we’ve forgotten about him? I hope he’s not scared and that no one is being ugly t…o him. He does tricks, you know…. He can sit… and shake (with both paws..) and he can lay down if you ask him to, nothing fancy. He can retrieve… WELL, if you throw something, he’ll run and get it, but then he wants you to chase him to get it back… Maybe that’s not exactly “retrieving” if they don’t bring it back. He loves cats! He has too…. our cat is the boss and she let him know early on. He also loves the donkey in the pasture across the road. Attached is a picture of him giving the donkey some kisses!! PLEASE COME HOME MOOSE!! Even the donkey misses you!
THANKS to everyone who posted to WRAL TV 5 . They will be doing a short segment on MOOSE at NOON tomorrow.  The “MOOSEcateers” ROCK!!!
AND…. a FUNDLY account has been established to assist with a REWARD for MOOSE. Please know that I did not set up this account, but I appreciate the person who did and I give my word that the money will go towards MOOSE’s safe return. In the event that MOOSE does NOT return home, the money will go to an Animal Shelter or another animal project. I am appreciated and humbled by this gesture.Moose in yellow shirt
This is just few of the posts that the family has put out there missing Lab Moose.  After reading them I am hoping you are getting an idea of just how much they are missing their beloved dog.  I check on their Facebook every morning, afternoon and evening to hopefully see the words Moose has returned home!!!!!
That is why I am asking everyone to PLEASE help this family bring Moose home.  Share this blog on your page and help get the word out to EVERYONE you can!!!!
Moose was even on the news see link…
If you or anyone you know finds Moose of a dog that you think may be MOOSE please call this number below
Desperate for help finding our dog MOOSE. He left the morning of 3/6/13 and didn’t come home. We live in the Seven Paths and Lake Royale community  In NC. Near Bunn & Spring Hope NC   Call 252-904-0247, 252-904-0328, 252-478-5828




  1. Kathleen Thomas

    Great Job ! Sure hope Moose comes home soon

  2. jerri

    I live in Bunn, and will keep a good eye out for him. I know how you feel I lost my yellow lab named Thor some years ago. The first time someone took him I found him pinned up in a back yard. I know he would of found his way home had he gotten out. This was only miles from our home. The second time he got gone we never found him. To this day, I’m heart broken over losing him. I will share and talk about Mosse……..praying for his safe return for your family.

  3. Dennis Perkerson

    Thank you for this blog. Dennis Perkerson


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