Indian Trail Pet Sitter Explains, “2 Reasons Why You Need A Cat Sitter.”

I wanted to write this blog explaining 2 reasons why you need a cat sitter for everyone in Indian Trail and surrounding areas in Union County that have cats.  I have been caring for dogs and cats in Indian Trail for over 7 years. Most of the clients I care for are dogs however, I have many clients with cats also.  Clients sometimes ask the question ” Can you just visit my cat every OTHER day instead of every day?”  My answer to them is ” I do not recommend every other day visits because you never know what your cat may get into.  We all know how cats can get into mischief.”  I had a client tell they just moved in their new house and had lots of big boxes still sitting in their living room.  She told me that one afternoon she had gone out Pet Smart and when she returned she could not find her cat.  She looked all over, until finally she heard her cat meowing.  The cat had crawled up into the big box and now was stuck in the box and could not get out.  Now, imanage if the client had gone on vacation and had a pet sitter come in two day later.  The poor little kitty would have been in that box for 2 days!!!!!  That is ONE of the reasons.

Another client had me all set up for her cat sitting visits, she had left early that morning and I was to go over that night to feed her cat.  When I got their, I could not find her cat.  I looked all over her home.  Finally, I opened the door to her laundry room and BINGO, the cat was hiding behind the dryer.  THE OWNER HAD CLOSED THE DOOR TO THE LAUNDRY ROOM AND LEFT FOR VACATION!!!  She thought the cat was under her bed and went through the house closing the door that she thought the cat would not go into.

These are just some of the reasons that Love and Kisses Pet Sitting does not do every other day visits for cats.  We recommend daily visits for cat sitting.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

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