Indian Trail Overnight Pet Sitter for Hire

Indian Trail Overnight Pet Sitter

Overnight Pet Sitting

We all know that there is no place like home. That is why Love and Kisses Pet Sitting offers overnight stay at your home so as to preserve stability in your pet’s environment while keeping to a familiar routine. When you hire a professional pet sitter for an overnight pet sitting  at your home, you are sure of the safety of your home and your home while you’re away.
As a pet owner, it may be difficult to find a perfect place for your pet’s care especially when you have to leave town. This challenge has made some people to postpone business trips or vacation because they don’t want their pet to feel uncomfortable. The good news is that these days, there are many options for pet care. One of such unbeatable options is in-home overnight pet care. There are many reasons why you should choose overnight pet sitting service over other options such as boarding facilities or kennels.
With overnight pet sitting service, your pet’s routines will not be affected or changed. Most pets love their routine because of the comfort and familiarity with the environment. Sticking to the mealtime, walks, playtime and hugs makes your pet comfortable and feel at home. Deviating from these routines may cause your pet some stress which may lead to some stress related illness.
Your pet will prefer to remain at home, in its environment. The familiar smells, sights and sounds will make your pet feel more secure and free from stress. It will also offer an opportunity for your pet to sleep in his own bed, play with his own toys and be free to play around instead of being locked up in cages with other animals.
Another good reason to hire Love and Kisses Pet Sitting for  overnight pet sitting service is the security of both your pet and your home. Having someone in your home while you are away will keep your home and your pet safe. Apart from that, the pet sitter will collect your mail, switch on/off your lights, making a presence in your home known, and also keep your pet company all night. This will prevent possible vandalism or someone breaking into your home while you’re away. Your pet sitter can also notify appropriate authorities or persons in case of an emergency. We will send you daily texts to your phone and send you pictures of your pets while your away.
Separating from your dog alone is enough to make them stress and this may lead to illness. Furthermore, taking your pet to stay in a kennel where there are several other dogs may expose them to some diseases. Diseases are easily spread in a kennel environment, and the risk is not worth it.
Avoid putting your pet through stress, and leave home with a peaceful mind knowing fully that your pet will be home to enjoy its environment, safe and sound. Hire a professional pet sitter today at Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.   Give us a call at 704-763-9857
Here is some great information from National Association of professional pet sitters (NAPPS) on How to Prepare your home before your leave.
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