Hire a Professional Cat Sitter. Your Cat Will Thank You.

Professional Cat Sitter

Hire a Professional Cat Sitter

Hiring a cat sitter is one of the best decisions you could make for your feline.  When making holiday travel plans consider where your cat will spend the holidays. You can take your cat at times, but travel can be very traumatic and difficult on your cat. It’s possible to make reservations for boarding, but if your cat could talk they would ask to stay in their own home. Cats are territorial and are happy sitting out the holidays at home.
You may have heard that cats do fine being left home alone. Just fill up the bowl with a mountain of food and a huge bowl of water. Not so. Cats get lonely, can cause damage, and things can go wrong in a house with an animal left home alone. What would your kitty do if there were fire, flood or electrical failure? What if your cat suffers because she has a medical problem? You would not want your cat suffering because no one checks on her during your out-of-town holiday. Consider how stressful for a cat to be completely alone. Cats are also creatures of habit, and when they are used to you returning every day at a certain hour, and no one comes, they can get a bit irritated.
There are good boarding facilities for cats.  If you place your kitty in a boarding facility take a tour. A cat placed in a cage and surrounded by unfamiliar animals, smells, and sounds can cause stress. Look for facilities that have cat condos with hiding places and elevated areas. Keep your cats safety and health concerns in mind when you kennel them.
The better option for leaving your cat at home is hiring a pet sitter. If you live in Union County NC call  Love and Kisses Pet Sitting for all your pet sitting needs.  Sitters will keep your cat secure, and the anxiety of having her family disappear won’t be as stressful. If it is in your budget, hire an experienced pet sitter. Make pet sitting a part of your holiday budget. You need someone to make sure your cat is safe, clean, fed and watered. A pet sitter will interact with your cat and will try to minimize the stress of your absence. Pet sitters take the time to play with the cat. Don’t use a “drive-by” pet sitter. They just fill up the food and water and leave. Professional pet sitters from Love and Kisses Pet Sitting in Indian Trail  care deeply for the welfare of their clients. They make sure your cat is safe and secure, loved and fed.
How many visits a day your cat needs depends on how you treat you cat. If you come home and regularly feed, play and water your cat, a pet sitter needs to employ the same strategies. Schedule the pet sitter to come at the time you usually feed and water your cat. A professional pet sitter will maintain the cat litter. They will clean and refresh it plus check for diarrhea, constipation, bloody stools or urine and evidence of litter box activity. A pet sitter who comes in more than once a day will help ensure good litter box hygiene, play with your kitty and ensure that everything is secure.
Love and Kisses Pet Sitting services all of Union Co in North Carolina.  Call us to schedule your free meet and greet at 704-763-9857 or visit us by clicking this link LOVE AND KISSES PET SITTING






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