Improving Your Knowledge of Dogs

Improving Your Knowledge of Dogs

Improving Your Knowledge of Dogs

You can improve your knowledge of dogs.  As a dedicated pet sitter, it is very important to me to get to know the animals I am looking after as individuals. Learning more about the way that animals think and behave is essential for anyone who wants to do pet sitting properly. When it comes to looking after dogs, improving our knowledge of dogs is a great way to ensure that we know how to keep those cute canines as happy as can be! So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite facts about dogs.

How to Improve your knowledge of dog.
1. Dogs need walks not just for reasons of physical exercise, but also for psychological reasons. Walks are a social occasion for dogs, enabling them to meet any canine friends who are also out with their owners, to check out the latest smells on the street or in the park, and of course to hang out with their owner or pet sitter. Walking provides vital mental stimulation for dogs – they just love it! And, as a pet sitter, I love seeing a happy dog out on a walk.
2. It is well known that chocolate is poisonous to dogs (even a tiny chocolate drop that falls on the floor when you’re baking a cake can cause your dog to throw up if ingested, and large amounts of chocolate can be fatal), but did you know that there are other foods that should be kept away from your dog? These include (but are not limited to) raisins and onions of all kinds. Part of a pet sitter’s job is knowing which foods to avoid giving dogs, so that they stay safe and happy. I love presenting dogs with tasty treats where appropriate, including the dog’s favorite treat from the pet store but also carrots. Did you know that many dogs love carrots, and small chunks of carrot really good for dogs too!
3. Calmness. Time and time again, studies into dog behavior has shown that dogs respond well to a warm and kind yet authoritative tone of voice and style of behavior from humans. Pet sitting is all about loving dogs and ensuring that they are cared for, while also making sure that they don’t develop any bad habits. Adopting a calm tone at all times is great for ensuring that dogs know that they can love and trust you and feel safe around you without running riot! It is a pet sitter’s most useful tool when looking after dogs.

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