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Received this in my email from The Humane Society of the United States.  I wanted to share with you all in hopes that we can help them out to save more lives for the pets that are in danger.  We are all they have.  Please help spread the word.
Dear Maureen,

We are on the scene in North Carolina right now for yet another puppy mill rescue, and the situation is dire.

We found one cat sitting in a dirty plastic bin in a filthy room — with poor, infected eyes that say it all.

With your emergency gift today, we can continue to save animals from cruelty.

Eye infections … painful skin and ear infections … fur in complete knots … the list goes on.

There have been several complaints about this property, including one to our own puppy mill tip line, 877-MILL-TIP. As a result, today, more than 55 animals are receiving a lifeline to freedom.

Your donation today not only helps us maintain our tip line, but it also does so much more. You put a dedicated, powerful team on the side of animals — a team that assists law enforcement in responding to disasters and urgent cases of animal cruelty, gives rewards that lead to the arrest and conviction of animal abusers, and provides care for animals rescued in cruelty and fighting cases.

Will you please donate now to help us give even more animals this same chance?

In three years, we’ve assisted with 21 rescues in North Carolina. What is especially troubling about this rescue for me, though, is the fact that the suspect in this case was charged for animal cruelty before in 2002. Right now, the state has no laws to protect animals sold directly to the public or online by commercial breeding facilities, so law enforcement officers cannot prevent neglect until it reaches crisis proportions, like it did here. Ultimately, it’s the animals who have to pay the price.

But we’re here. And we’ll continue to be here to rescue animals from puppy mills, animal fighting operations, hoarders and other dangerous situations where they’re suffering. We need you to stand with us, and we’re so thankful that you do.


Tia Pope
Manager, Puppy Mill Response
The Humane Society of the United States




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