How Your Pets Can Benefit From An Untimed Pet Sitting Visit

Untimed pet sitting visits

How Your Pets Can Benefit From An Untimed Pet Sitting Visit

Most professional services offer a time limit. If you’re going relax with a massage, you have to choose between the half an hour or hour massage. But, those time limits don’t always work for professional services like pet sitting. Many pet sitting services today still abide by the time limit visits, which usually last approximately 30 minutes.

But, Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is changing all of that by providing untimed pet sitting visits for pets. Your pets can benefit from untimed pet sitting visits in a plethora of ways, including:


An unhappy pet often demonstrates his unhappiness in unhealthy ways. An angry dog may destroy furniture. An ignored bird often plucks out his feathers. Your professional pet sitter will ensure your pets emotional needs are fulfilled before ending a visit. A large bird, for example, may require ample time outside of the cage to spread his wings and exercise each visit in addition to back and forth chatter with the professional pet sitter.

You provide your professional pet sitter with what your pet needs – both emotionally and physically – so that your pet receives the exact care to which he is accustomed. And, the visit only ends when your pet’s needs are met.


Some pets simply have more physical needs than others. A young, energetic puppy, for example, will likely need longer walks and more physical play than an elderly dog who may enjoy a slow stroll down the block to sniff his surroundings and socialize with other dogs and people. The puppy and the elderly dog may both require longer than the traditional 30 minute visit – because it takes longer to wear the puppy out and the elderly dog walks slower. 

Physical needs may also include administering medication, feeding meals at the same time every day, and ensuring the pet has sufficient time to eliminate. If your dog is elderly and needs to go out to eliminate several times during a visit, he can do that because your professional pet sitter is only concerned about one thing: Satisfying your pets specific needs.


Your pets’ safety is our primary concern. With an untimed pet sitting visit, we ensure that your pets’ emotional and physical needs are met and we take the precautions necessary to give an appearance that your pets aren’t home alone. Your professional pet sitter will bring in the mail, take out garbage cans and bring them back in on garbage day, and will turn lights on and off so it appears someone is home. 

If your pet becomes ill or injured when you are gone, you will be contacted immediately or we will take immediate action by seeking veterinary attention, depending on what you have given permission for prior to the visits. With untimed pet sitting visits, you don’t have to worry about your pet or the charges adding up for the extra time the pet sitter is taking to spend with your pet. 

What do you think the biggest benefit of untimed pet sitting visits is?  Post your comment below



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