How Your Dog Can Get Kennel Cough

How Your Dog Can Get Kennel Cough 

Kennel cough is a fairly common disease among dogs. It is also called dog common cold. Dogs which are frequently boarded or exposed to humid conditions have a high susceptibility to catching kennel cough. Many veterinarians normally recommend that dogs be immunized with Bordetella vaccine once every six months. You will realize that a kennel cough cannot be transmitted to human beings. However, this disease can easily be transmitted to rabbits, pigs and cats.

Kennel cough is very contagious. It is basically caused be a group of specific viruses and bacterium. The Kennel cough complex includes the bacteriumKennel Cough Bordetella bronchi septical, adenovirus and parainfluenza. There are other viruses that can cause coughing such as distemper and canine influenza. Canine influenza can cause a more serious disease. Dogs that are around other dogs are more likely to contract this disease. It does not matter if your dog is a puppy or a show dog. If it has been around other dogs, there is always a chance that they can contact this disease.

If your dog has a weak immune system, it has a higher chance of contracting this disease. It has higher chances of getting infected. Remember that these airborne germs are normally spread by infected dogs through coughing. Your dog can actually become affected after a short exposure to the air that an infected dog has been.

Your dog can catch this infection at the groomers, vets or at the boarding kennel. Remember that any other time your dog is exposed to other dogs, is a potential threat to your dog to get Kennel cough. If your dog was exposed on a Monday, it is possible that there will be no symptoms until later in the week.

kennel coughIf your dog continues to cough excessively, your veterinarian should perform a physical examination. Your dog can cough as a result of a slight stimulation of the throat. Other causes of coughing in dogs can include: heartworm disease, cancer, cognitive heart disease and bronchitis. If the diagnosis is yet to be determined, laboratory tests will be performed. Your veterinarian may want to do a blood count, radiographs, and other laboratory diagnostics to help determine the cause of kennel cough.

Those are some of the ways through which a dog can get Kennel cough. It is advisable that you vaccinate your dog against Kennel cough. It will stay healthy and strong.



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