How to Take Care of Your Pet at Home

How to Take Care of Your Pet at Home

Congratulations! You’ve thought about it long and hard, and now you’re finally ready.  You’ve decided to welcome a pet into your home.  Before you do, there are a few things you need to know about how to care for your pet at home.

A Space of Their Own

Your pet may spend a lot of time outside.  If that’s the case, you’ll want to make sure that there is a shelter for him in case of inclement weather hits while you’re not at home.  Make sure there is access to water as well.  If the weather gets bad, don’t forget to bring your pet inside to keep him safe. Bring your pet in at night as well.  Night time is prime time for predators, and it’s your responsibility to keep your pet safe.

If your pet spends a lot of time inside, you’ll still want to make sure he has a space to call his own.  I know that even though my dog slept on my bed every night, he still had his own doggie bed to call his own.  It’s where he went during the day, while I was at school or work. Be it a crate, a doggie bed, or even just a room, make sure your pet has a place to feel safe and secure.

Proper Food for Your Pet

You want your pet to be healthy, correct?  This means he needs a healthy diet with food that matches his dietary needs.  If you adopt an older dog from a shelter, his food needs are going to be radically different than those of a new puppy.

Make sure you’re feeding your pet the right food.  And try and fight the urge to share too much people food with your pet.  What tastes great to us can be poison for your pet.

Another thing to make sure of is that you don’t overfeed your pet.  Too much food can be just as unhealthy as too little food or the wrong amount of food.  Your vet will be able to tell you what to feed your new pet, how much, and how often.

Water for Your Pet

We all know the importance of staying properly hydrated.  These days you can’t go anywhere without seeing people carrying water bottles around wherever they go.  Your new pet can’t carry a water bottle around with him.

He depends on you for his water.  Make sure your pet always has access to fresh water and fill his water bowl with cool fresh water at least twice a day. If you choose a pet that makes its home in the water, make sure to perform proper tank maintenance so that they have a nice, clean home.

Potty Time

Depending upon what type of pet you get, you may have to housebreak them.  Once your pet is trained to his business outside, he can roam about your house.  Cats need to be trained to use a litter box.  This brings us to cleaning.


Even if your dog is housebroken and goes outside, you still need to pick up after him and dispose of his waste properly.  If you have a cat, make sure and clean the litter box frequently. If you have a pet that lives in a cage like a rabbit or a gerbil, you need to make sure the cages are cleaned out, frequently.  This will eliminate odors and provide your pet with a clean and healthy environment to make his home.

Your Pet’s Health

Most people see a doctor at least once a year for a check, up, or more if they are ill. Why should your pet be any different?  If you want to be a responsible pet owner, you’ll need to make sure your pet has proper veterinary care.

Your pet cannot take himself to the doctor for shots, or when he’s not feeling well.  That is up to you. You also need to make sure to keep your pet groomed or take him for professional grooming on a regular basis.

Another important component of your pet’s health is proper exercise.  When you get a pet, such as a dog, you need to commit to taking him out regularly, not just to go to the bathroom but to get the right amount of exercise.

Welcoming a pet into your home is a big decision, and it comes with a lot of responsibility.  Before you get a new pet, do your research and make sure you can commit to caring for a pet properly. Remember, your pet didn’t ask to go with you, you chose him to join your family!

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