How To Survive a New Puppy

First, congratulations on the new member of your family from Love and Kisses Pet Sitting. We are so happy you decided to make this significant decision for you and your family members. Having a puppy is a blessing. A blessing that can also lead to complications, unfortunately. However, we are here for you through the rough times and happy times. The first day you bring your puppy home, regardless of the distance, it is an excellent opportunity to begin the challenge of crate training.

Crate Training

A puppy will learn to love his crate as time goes by, but it is your job to encourage the puppy to feel safe and secure. Make sure the puppy has enough time and space to have a potty break as soon as you arrive home. It is crucial to praise your dog with a treat or any positive incentive. Moreover, a leash is wise to prevent a free run in your house or outside in your backyard. Talking to your pet is an excellent way for him/her to understand your voice. I recommend you to gradually touch his paws and make sure your dog knows it is okay to do so. Be happy with your dog. He/she will most likely enjoy you rubbing his/her belly and touching his tail or ears. Remember that puppies do not have sphincter control yet, in other words, they cannot control their bladder. Excitement can lead to the need to pee or poop immediately. I advise you to take a potty break about 15 to 20 minutes after play time and every meal. The puppy should spend a short amount of time in his/her crate on the day of adoption. Within 48 hours of being home, it is essential to bring your puppy to the veterinarian. This will ensure good health and vaccinations. The first visit usually consists of weight examination and a physical examination.


Feeding your puppy is an excellent way to bond. Free-feeding is not the wisest choice or leaving food down all the time. I feed my dogs at a regular meal time to give the dogs a time to look forward. Hand-feeding is usually necessary for the beginning stages of training. The longer you do this, the better in most cases. Your puppy will soon develop a soft mouth, so he fails to nip or bite your hands in the future. Ignoring any whining or barking at night is essential. He/she will soon settle down and remain calm. Depending on the puppy’s age, your puppy may or may not be able to hold his/her business throughout the night. As a puppy, it is essential to learn as much as possible during the critical learning period. The puppy is advised to meet at least 100 different people to socialize. Meeting new individuals means new experiences. A lot of adversity is a good thing for your puppy’s soul. There are so many different things your puppy should be learning at this time especially no jumping and going to the bathroom outside.

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies can be expensive when considering all of the essentials. Some of the puppy supplies include a dog bed, toys, crate, food, and a collar and a leash. Toys are vital to prevent puppy chewing on your personal belongings. The trick is to get them their new toys from the pet store. Basic commands are crucial such as sit, stay, and come. Each breed of dog requires different sleep, feeding, exercise and coat care requirements. The main factor happens to be their weight and size. The large breed dogs need exceptional food to secure healthy bones and joints.



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