How to spend more time with your lovely pet

How to spend more time with your lovely pet


Today our lives are much busier, active, and filled with emotions and activities than ever before, which leads to less time for such important things as relationships, hobbies, and communicating with our family, friends, and pets. Why does it happen? First of all, the majority of people are aimed to build a career and find their place in this world. Even if they don`t have to devote all their energy to work projects, they are still focused on reaching this goal and put their jobs in priority. Meanwhile, we move away from those we love, and we can really regret it in the future. Let`s take our pets as an example.


According to statistics, on average pet owners spend around half an hour daily with their cats or dogs while still spending a lot of money on different pet stuff (the number reaches $28,5 billion yearly). The good thing is that our pets don`t lack food, good sleep, and cat chew toys to have fun, but at the same time, they do need communication with us and our love and attention. Even if you play with your pet more than that (for example, one hour), it is still not enough for your pet. Besides, spending time with your cat or dog will also beneficially impact your mood and even health. In this guide, we talk about simple ways of finding time for your lovely pets.


How to improve a relationship with your pet


Do you know a famous citation that we are responsible for those whom we tamed? Even if you work all the time and get back home tired and gloomy, there are still some good ways not to leave your pet (that has been waiting for you all day) without attention. We prepared for you a list of options you can consider in order to have more time for your pet and not sacrifice your other activities:


1.   Take it with you to work


Many modern companies today have pet-friendly offices or at least certain days when you can get your pet with you to work. This decision has a lot of benefits: first, you will be spending more time together. Secondly, your coworkers will be admiring your pet, and you may even make a few new friends. Third, it will cheer you up and motivate you for better results and achievements. Start with a few hours and if everything is okay and your pet is not overwhelmed with a new setting, extend it to all working day;


2.   Exercise


It is a perfect option for dog owners because dogs love activities and are ready to support you in anything: swimming, jogging, cycling, and even yoga. Next time you will have a fitness class or just exercise outdoors, let your pet have fun around you;


3.   Shop together


Having a few routine things to be completed during the day (shopping, having your hair cut, cleaning up the house), you can take your pet with you. While some stores do not allow pets, there are still lots of pet-friendly cafes, shops, and other locations that will let you be with a pet while you are busy with…whatever you do there. Don`t forget to take a couple of selfies to capture these memories and let your Instagram followers admire your friendship;


4.   Plan a vacation


If you think that your pet will only ruin your vacation and won`t let you relax, this is wrong. Just imagine how much fun you will have swimming with your pet or playing with a dog at the seaside. You just have to find pet-friendly hotels and make sure your pet is comfortable;


5.   Cook together


Pets are always curious about what is going on in the kitchen, so try to attract your pet with the cooking process giving them a tasty treat and just having fun. Even cooking dinner, you can communicate and play with it (just make sure you wash hands);


6.   Cuddle up


Everybody needs to relax, especially after a hard long day at work. If you do it with a book in a chair or by watching a movie, take your cat, dog, hamster (whatever) with you. There is nothing cuter than hugging your cat or dog and enjoying your favorite book or movie;


7.   Practice new tricks


Every pet needs training, and not only dogs but cats too. Talk more to your pet, encourage it, and learn how to teach it a few tricks and skills. Even if you fail, you will spend a great time together, so it`s a win-win;


8.   Socialize


You can take your dog to your friends` meetings, family gatherings, and even dates. Don`t skip such events just because you have a pet with you: nobody will mind playing with it and just letting it be around;


9.   Take a day off


When you feel that you never have time for your pet, take one day off and spend it together. One day without work presence will be fine while your pet will be happy to finally play and interact with you more than ever;


10.  Find the extra time


If you want, you can always find time for your pet. Sacrifice Internet surfing, plan your work smarter (for example, do tasks during the lunchtime), and don`t procrastinate. Your pet will appreciate your efforts.




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