How To Properly Groom Your Cat

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Grooming Your Cat

Cats are extremely clean animals all way round, but even the most scrupulous cat will need you to help them out a little. Grooming your cat is a great way to bond with it. Let us consider cat grooming with regards to bathroom, brushing, nail trimming and ear, teeth and eyes cleaning. How to properly groom your cat:


Bathing the cat is essential if it must be kept clean. Though, there may be no need to bathe cats with short hairs except they are heavily soiled or have any allergies requiring treatment. But in the case of long haired cats, an occasional bath can help keep their hair in good condition and prevent oily accumulation. Your veterinarian can advise you on how to bathe your cat and recommend a special shampoo for bathing.


From tender age, you must let your cat get used to regular brushing. You will need to brush a cat with short hairs once a week, and more often for those with more delicate coat like long hairs. During molting when the amount of hair shed is high, it is imperative to brush the cat’s hair every day. You can get products like brushes or comb suitable for grooming your cat in any established pet shops. Brushing is first performed against the grain, and then repeated in the direction of the hair, while untangling it. It is not a good idea to brush the feet and face of your cat when grooming it because these places are very sensitive. So care should be taken to avoid these areas in order not to cause irritation to the skin.

Cut nails

Cats often scratches to keep their nails in good condition, but you can also help them occasionally. The nails should not be allowed to grow too long. The cat nail clipper will come in handy for this purpose, and a regular cut is very important to prevent scratches and damage to the housing. In grooming your cat, cutting their nails is also important for their health. If the nails are too long, it may limit their movements and cause injury by defective support of their limbs. The cat nails should be cut precisely at its end, without affecting the fleshy part to avoid pain and even a small hemorrhage.

Cleaning the ears, eyes and teeth

Cat Cleaning cat ears is also essential for grooming your cat. A liquid product whose function is to dissolve the wax from the ear canal is best suitable for this purpose. Apply a few drops inside kitten’s ear so that it feels it, and then shake its head repeatedly, expelling all the dirt accumulated inside. This should not be done on a regular basis, it is best to ask your vet for advice before cleaning the ears of a cat. The hygiene for cat’s eyes are done by cotton soaked in saline, and used to wipe the corners of the eyes to prevent eye infections. Never use the cotton to touch the center of the eye, since it could unintentionally cause injury. Cleaning the cat’s teeth is also a good hygiene to adopt for grooming your cat. Many cats are prone to accumulate tartar in their teeth and if care is not taken, may result in damage to their teeth and gums. There are particularly suitable mouthwash products for cats which can be readily placed in their drinking water. Apart from fighting plaque, it has antiseptic properties capable of eliminating bad breath.

It is essential to ask your vet for advice when grooming your cat for you to put these tips to their best use.





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