Does Your Dog Bite? How to Prevent Your Dog From Biting

Dog Bite

Does Your Dog Bite? How to Prevent Your Dog From Biting

Around five million people are bitten by dogs around the globe yearly with bites extending from minor nips to more fatal injuries that can lead to long-term health problems. A good number of these dog bites can be stopped by people having some dog knowledge.

If you’re worried that your own dog may bite someone else, there are precautions you can take.Spaying or neutering your dog can lower its aggression with time. The next is to make sure your pet is properly socialized and comfortable around other humans. Also, be a responsible dog owner and make sure your animal is properly trained, well cared for, and not allowed to roam alone outside.Some of the other ways that can help you prevent dog bite are the following;

Never pet a strange dog.

Before petting a dog, let a dog properly meet you. Allow a new dog to sniff you and get to know you before you attempt to touch it. A dog has to know you before it can trust you, so let that process happen. Try extending your hand out flat to let the dog sniff it before you attempt any petting.

Don’t run from a dog.

Many dogs, like hounds and working dogs, will instinctively chase after you. Instead, back away slowly with your hands at your sides and avoid making eye contact with the animal.

Don’t surprise or startle a dog.

If a dog is sleeping, eating, or playing with a toy, don’t startle it by surprising it with a few friendly pets of your hand. When an animal is frightened or startled, it may bite.1. Learn the warning signs of biting. Dogs do try to communicate with us, and you can learn to read their body language to pick up if a dog is tense, afraid or anxious and therefore more likely to bite.

Never approach or make eye contact with a dog that is outside their comfort zone, as they may decide attack is the best form of defense. Signs of stress in dogs are:
-A stiff tail
-An erect tail slowly wagging back and forth
-Ears flattened back
-Tense body
-Flicking of tongue
-Licking lips
-Baring teeth

Understand a dog’s body language.

When a dog is angry it will try to make itself look bigger. The fur on its back will rise up; the dog will point its ears and stick its tail up in the air. The dog will then usually bare its teeth and growl while staring directly at a threat. Do not provoke a dog in this state. Instead, back away slowly and avoid eye contact with the animal.

Build up trust and respect with your dog. Always don’t rebuke a dog to cease biting, this just doesn’t work, all that is gained is the breakdown of the trust and respect. Telling your dog to stop biting will not work on its own. The dog needs to have good trust and respect for you for things to change and biting not to happen.

You have to stop all biting or the problem will never go away. Get your dog to understand it is the biting that you do not want, not the dog its self. Always makeup after on your terms so the dog knows you care and love the animal. Sort out this problem as early in the dog’s life as you can for the best results.

Dog BiteOlder dogs that bite you have a problem with who is the boss. This is called the Alpha, which is the person or the dog that is in command. So you have to restore the balance which means you have to be the one in command. This restores the peace. Some ways to help you restore the balance are; feeding the dog after you have eaten. Not allowing the dog on your furniture, if he is allowed on the furniture this allows him to think he is with the same privileges as you. Do not play rough and tumble games like tug of war ever.

Teach him to lie down with you for 40 minutes, say on the evening while you are watching the television, he has to stay where you have told him for this length of time. If he gets up calmly remind him and insure, he is lying back down then carry on with your nights viewing. These are a simple way in which you can restore the roles allowing you to gain control again.

Another thing to do is to keep all toys and treats out of his way, then you can you give out these things, play with your dog but put away all toys at the end of your play session. All this helps the dog to learn you are in charge, and that they are not. This will then stop the dog biting you.

Great article on helping to prevent dog bites for adults & children. Want to learn more about dog training, help with your family pets, and more? Follow Pet Education Assistance & Resources on Facebook. Part of the group’s mission is to educate and help pet owner’s to avoid pets going to animal shelters to reduce overcrowded shelters.Click HERE to read the article written by Pet Education Assistance & Resources.  Be sure to LIKE their page on Facebook to keep informed.








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