4 Effective Ways On How To Pill A Cat

4 Effective Ways On How To Pill A Cat

Pilling your cat is one of the necessary requirement of keeping your favorable pet healthy.Pilling may be in form of deworming pills to other antibiotics which are carefully specialized to cure some diseases.The major challenge that is faced by many cat owners is how they can administer the drug to the cat without raising its suspicion.This is because cats have the intense ability to smell the drug from afar and may end up spitting it or running away.That is why it is important for us to develop important ways which can effectively work.

Below are some of the most favorable ways on how to pill a cat:

1.Learning Your Cat’s Favorite

How To Pill A CatThis is the first step that can effectively help you to administer a pill to the cat.You have to ensure that you effectively learn your cat’s most favorable foods.The best ways to keep him calm and to soothe him,so that you can approach him easily without making him run away.By learning so,make sure that you try as much as possible to make him your best friend all the time.Establish restraining ways that can help you hold your cat well without losing his grip.This should be done first when playing with him so that you can get used to him.By doing so,you will have effectively established a preparatory step of pilling your cat easily.

2.Putting In Place All The Medical Equipment That You Need

This is another effective way that will help you give your cat a pill without raising an alarm. Ensure that you have all the necessary medical equipment that are needed during the administering of the pill. Make sure that you have read the medical prescription well, and you have understood well. This is because different drugs are administered differently. Make sure that you have the syringe with you,pills and water. This is because once you start the process of giving the cat pills,you should make sure that you do it faster before your cat becomes wild and angry. This is another effective step on how to pill a cat.

3.Administer The Pill

This being the third step on how to pill a cat,is by far the most difficult step to handle. This is because at this point the cat may detect easily on the application of the pill in the food. Thus, you have to make sure that if you are planning to give your  cat the pill by putting the pill in its favorite food, make sure that you use the pill pocket to hide it. This way he will not pick the scent of the drug, he can successfully swallow the pill without him realizing. However,if you are going to use the hand way to make him swallow the pill,you have to be extremely careful. Make sure that you hold him easily and carefully, then learn effective tactics of making him open the mouth with less resistant and then put the pill in the cat’s mouth. Then, ensure that you put some water in the mouth in order to ensure easy swallowing.This process should be done in a hurry so that the cat can swallow the pill successfully.

4.Ensure That The Cat Have Swallowed The Pill

This is an effective way to be sure that the cat has swallowed the pill. Check on his mouth thoroughly to be sure that he has actually swallowed the medicine. If he has not swallowed yet, put your finger in his mouth carefully and move the pill in the throat forcefully so that he can actually swallow. Be very careful during this process to avoid choking him,while you are moving the pill in the throat. Then you can make him drink some water so as to make the pill go .This will effectively help you to pill your cat without any problem.

For all the cat owners, it is very important for them to follow the above-outlined ways on how to pill a cat successfully. This will help them keep their cats healthy and friendly all the time.




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