How to Pill a Cat

How to Pill a Cat

How to Pill a Cat

Cats are one of the smartest pets who are friendly and close to human beings. They can pretty much survive on their own including finding their own food and are quite responsive to certain repetitive situations. The Feline family seems to respond to emotions and feelings hence that’s why cat lovers How to Pill a Catadore them. As they go wandering around, they seem to pick up a lot of dirt and infections along the way. Keeping them healthy is therefore vital not only for the cat but also for you. Cats can pass on some of this infection hence the need to be conscious. This means that you need a trip to the vet often enough for a check-up or a quick dash to the pet store to purchase cat food supplements. But one thing for sure, they just seem to despise and ignore medicine.

Cats don’t like medicine

Cats are quite intelligent and can decipher unwanted elements’ from their food and drinks. They can be quite selective and may not necessarily and easily give in to take medicine. It becomes such a daunting task to give your cat medicine. The medicine comes in a variety of forms: in liquid form and solid form. From the common drugs to the usual nutraceuticals, it is vital that your cat takes the right medication for its condition, especially when prescribed by the vet. From antibiotics to deworming tablets, it is vital that your cat takes its medicine which keeps it healthy and well. But you will not achieve this without a struggle.

Types of cat medicine

There are various cat types of medicine for cats. From the monthly de-wormers to eye drops, from suppositories to pills, they come in all forms and is vital in maintaining the health of your cat. Just like humans, cats do not like medicine. The liquid medicines that are administered orally may be easier to administer than the pills. Cats can easily gag on pills and spit them out as a natural reflex of the body rejecting this foreign substance. It, therefore, needs a bit of experience for you to find out the most effective and best way of administering a pill to your cat.

Ways of pilling your cat

There are many ways of pilling your cat which we shall be looking in depth giving a step by step procedure on how to effectively do it. They include:

A) Hiding the pill in cat food or a treat

B) Using the restraint mechanism

C) Using a pill popper

A) Hiding the pill in cat food or treat

This should be the easiest way to administer a pill. It is, however, easier said than done and is not the most effective way because cats may selectively refuse to take the treat or food. Here is a step by step procedure on this:

1. Read instructions: It is important that you read the instructions about the dosage and specific instructions of the pill given. You may also ask your vet for the specific dosages and food that may make the intake of the pill easier. This ensures that it does not contain any active ingredients that may not augur well with the food or treat. It may also give you direction on the best foods to mix the pill with.

2. Release the medication whole: Some medicine and antibiotics that are in tablet forms have been formulated to release the active ingredient over several hours after ingestion. It is therefore important that you do not crush the tablet because this may disrupt this action rendering the medicine ineffective. Therefore, it is important to consult the vet on this.

3. Check for food accompaniments and intake timing: some medicine require to be taken before food while some require being taken afterward. It is important to know this kind of information beforehand to prevent its ineffectiveness.

b) Using the restraint mechanism

This is a rather forceful method but necessary to the cat. It is however quite an effective method since you can personally oversee the process and make sure the pill is swallowed. Here’s is how to do it:

1. Get a relatively large sheet or towel: This can be a soft towel that is strong to prevent the cat from squirming its way out of your grip.

2. Ask for help: cats can struggle their way through this, it is, therefore, better to seek for help

3. Place the towel on the countertop or flat surface: spread it on the top of the table or countertop in such a way that it covered a wider length. The cat will, therefore, rest on the surface.

4. Wrap the cat and place the wrapped cat on the table; you should wrap the towel around the cat rather snug but not extremely tight to a point of choking

5. Kneel to restrain your cat further: you can place the cat between your knees on the floor for a tighter grip keeping your hands free

6. Open the cat’s mouth: you should tip the head of the cat while positioning your thumb and forefinger on the forehead. Your fingers should rest on both sides of the cats face along the cheekbones. Gently press your thumb and fingertip into your cat’s jaw.

7. Hold the pill and apply pressure to the cat’s mouth: the pill should be held in a pincer-like grip using your dominating hand which is between your thumb and your finger. Simultaneously, apply pressure that is downward and gentle to the cat’s mouth with your forefinger.

8. Drop the pill in the cat’s mouth: ensure that the pills fall back over the back of the tongue, dropping it as far as possible into the throat. Hold the head in an upward position ensuring that the cat does not tr to spit it out or gag on it. It is vital to ensure that the pill is swallowed. If not, blow gently on the cat’s nostrils to induce the cat to swallow.

9. Give the cat some water: at this point, the cat will feel the need to take some water to further push it down the esophagus and into the stomach.

Alternative to hand piling

Using a Pill Giver: Please note that there Alternatives for pilling a cat other than using your hand to administer the pill. You can use a pill giver which is effective as it can be gently placed at the back of the cat’s mouth by pressing the plunger which conveniently drops the pill. Simply repeat steps 1-7 above and follow it up with some water. You may also administer liquid tuna that removes the bad taste out of the cat’s mouth.

Use pill pocket: there are various tasty treats for cats with a cavity in them of which you can pop the pill in. This acts a convenient disguise of which the cat may be unsuspecting as the cat takes the treat.
Greenies FELINE PILL POCKETS Treats for Cats Salmon Flavor – 1.6 oz. 45 Treats

Well Done on Piling your Cat!

The cat may show aggression during this whole process, and this is understandable. However, it is sometimes a tedious process hence you should be careful during this process. The cat has sharp canines that may easily leave a scar. But you’re cat needs the medication, and you must do whatever you can to administer it.



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