How To Know Your Hiring A True Professional Pet Sitting Company

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How To Know Your Hiring A True Professional Pet Sitting Company

Please be very careful with whom you hire to pet sit for you. I just received a call from a family in Waxhaw that left last night for vacation they planned months ago.  The woman was crying because she thought she hired a professional pet sitter and comes to find out that the sitter is NOT a professional. The woman told me that the person she hired to start last night was not going to able to finish out the week’s worth of pet sitting and dog walking visits because a friend has scheduled to take her away for her birthday at the last minute and she really wants to go.  She told this woman that she needs to find someone else to care for her pets and that she left the keys under a plant for whoever is going to do the pet sitting visits.  I am not going to plaster this person name here but I just want to make sure that you all are aware of what a PROFESSIONAL PET SITTING COMPANY does to make sure your pets are never left unattended.  I jumped in my car and drove right over to this NEW client home and stepped to help this family with their pet sitting needs and will finish out all the rest of their visits.

As the owner of a professional pet sitting business I make sure that all our pet sitters are available to be at our clients home to care for the pets and if not I have sitters in place that can step in if there is an emergency.  When we set up your meet and greet, you will meet with the owner of the business and also the sitter that will be caring for your pets.  We both attend so that we both can meet you and your pets and go over all your pets needs.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has state of art pet sitting scheduling software and the office manager can see when your sitter has arrived at each visit and when they complete each visit.  This is a safety feature that we have in place for a variety of reasons, the safety of the sitter and also to know that the visits were completed.

So the long and short of this blog is to inform you that you need to hire a true professional and ask lots of questions to the person that you are going to hire to come to your home to care for your fur baby family members.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has won numerous awards for our outstanding service and our clients will vouch for us.  We have repeat clients that love the service we provide and the ease of scheduling at their fingertips whenever they need a pet sitter.  Give us a call at 70-763-9857 or click the link below to get set up for you free meet and greet.

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