How to Keep Your Pet Safe Around the Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and your furry friend will find it hard to resist the sweet smells of temptation!

There are a few things you can do in order to be proactive instead of being reactive to keeping your pet safe this Thanksgiving. The last thing you want is an unexpected visit to the vet because safety wasn’t our first priority!

Talk Turkey to Me

A friendly reminder to keep the food on the table, on the counters, and away from your pet. Don’t sneak your beloved pet any table scraps or bones under the table or after dinner the meal is complete.

In fact, several of the foods that most of us enjoy on Thanksgiving are harmful to your pet. Depending on the type of food it can cause vomiting, gas, and other digestive issues which can make your pet uncomfortable and more irritable.

According to ASPCA, fatty foods, like the skin of the turkey, grapes, and onions are all poisonous to your pet. To find a complete list of other foods that are harmful to your pet, feel free to visit the ASPCA website to read the article, ‘People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets.’

Prepare your Thanksgiving feast with caution and remember to keep all food up and out of reach for your furry friend.

If your pet should ingest anything poisonous and you’re concerned, please contact the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline at 888-426-4435.

No After Dinner Delight

As with any holiday, desserts are an absolute must!

However, your Thanksgiving treats can wreak havoc on your pet’s digestive systems too. Causing dehydration, slow heart rate, diarrhea and more


depending on the type of food ingested.

Avoid giving your pet any chocolate, raw dough, sugar, or even salty foods during the holiday to keep your pet safe.

For a more comprehensive list of poisonous foods for both cats and dogs, an article written by Nationwide called ‘20 Foods Poisonous to Dogs and Cats‘ outlines more off-limit foods for your pet.

Take out the Trash

As simple as this next tip is, we often forget about the trash during the holiday. Consider storing your garbage can in a separate place during Thanksgiving or secure it so that your pet can’t wander off when the family is busy to dig in the garbage.

Properly dispose of the turkey carcass so that your pet doesn’t find a tasty treat to chew. Toss all food packaging and plastic dinnerware to avoid your pet accidentally ingesting it when no one is looking.

Your pet may find the food packaging and plastic dinnerware tempting because it’ll smell like your Thanksgiving day feast. Unfortunately, if your pet were to consume this trash, it could cause damage or blockage of their intestines; which would result in an unexpected visit to the vet on holiday.

Just remember to store or secure your trash on Thanksgiving to keep your pet safe this holiday.

Decorative Flowers and Plants

Use caution when using decorative plants or flowers as a beautiful display piece on the table for your Thanksgiving day feast. Several plants that we typically in use during this holiday season can be poisonous to your pet if ingested.

As much as we believe our pets would ignore our plants, we can’t always be sure that they will; which is why being proactive and cautious is the key to keeping your pet safe.

There are a few houseplants and flowers that are typically in use this time of year. Such as lilies, dieffenbachia house plant, holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia.

By all means, don’t think you can use these plants or flowers in your centerpiece or throughout your house. This is merely a reminder to be cautious. Place them up high enough where your pet can get into them.

We hope these few safety tips will help you keep your pet safe around the Thanksgiving table this holiday season. Be proactive instead of reactive by implementing these tips to keep your pet safe.

Share in the comments below: How do you plan to keep your pet safe around the Thanksgiving table?

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