How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy During the Quarantine

Even though we’re in the middle of a quarantine situation, it is still important that we know how to keep our pets happy and healthy in such times.


A while ago, some veterinarians stated that most of the American people didn’t properly prepare for their pets’ needs during the quarantine – as a lot of them forgot to buy pet food and treats.


Given that we may face a quarantine again in our lives – not because of a pandemic, but maybe because of serious flu/cold that keeps us indoors -, let’s take a look at what you must do to ensure the health and happiness of your pets!


Stocking Up on Supplies and Essentials

As mentioned above, it is crucial that you stock up on all of the essentials that your pet may need during the quarantine. This implies everything from food to treats, toys, additional litterslitters, litter sand, medicine in case they get sick, and so on. This includes CBD if your dog needs this, but you can learn at Poopbags more about dosage, etc.


You’d want to be able to take care of every single one of their needs that doesn’t require professional help from a pet doctor. In terms of quantity, you should get around one month’s worth of supplies and essentials.


Toys and Interesting Activities


You may get sick of playing and cuddling with your pet all day – but trust us, they won’t experience the same thing! Well, cats may push you away a couple of times if you’re too close for too long, but dogs will always be around you!


Playtime is essential for pets that have to stay indoors with you all day – especially when it comes to apartment pets. If you’re not able to walk them, then you have to spend time with them – namely, engage in interesting activities and games that will keep them busy and active.


For example, cats love hunting games, and during a quarantine, you’ll have to come up with a lot of prey ideas for your feline predators!


Alternative Walking


Naturally, you can still walk your pet indoors, with a bit of imagination. Surprisingly, all it takes is for you to get your fancy walking clothes on and start walking your pet around the house. 


Of course, if you change the house layout a bit, the pets may get even more into character – but, if it keeps them happy, it’s worth it!


Maintain a Proper Diet


Even though you may indulge in some cheat days while in quarantine, your pet must have a balanced diet in place – especially if you want them to be in perfect health.


As such, make sure to feed them on time and to also diversify their diet – avoid giving them the same food all day long. Moreover, since quarantine may cause them to be a bit depressed or anxious, you could prepare a supply of CBD pet products that can maintain their happy mood as well as their appetite. 


The Bottom Line


Overall, keep in mind that pets, while in quarantine, will need a lot of cuddling and playing, as well as some time alone. Keep in mind that you being at home all the time may be curious for them and may also interfere with their usual behavior.


While making sure that they have what they need to be healthy and happy, do your best not to overwhelm them with your presence!



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