How To Keep Your Outdoor Pets Warm This Winter? Indian Trail Pet Sitter Gives You Advise.

 Keep Your Outdoor Pets Warm

Keep you pets warm in the freezing winter months


With the cold winter chill coming, now is the time to think about your pets.  If you have outdoor pets, please think of them and the cold months to come.  I understand that some people have dogs and cats that are outdoor (I don’t always agree with that ) however, there are ways to make sure they are protected form the freezing weather. These pets need outdoor shelter to keep them warm and now is the time to take care of that for them before the snow and freezing temperatures come.


First off they are often lonely and board and are probably suffering from physical neglect. My heart actually hurts to have to remind people of this. But again I understand that some folks think it is OK to leave them outdoors.  Maybe you can take them for walk once or twice a day to stimulate their minds.  Dogs LOVE to walk and smell the different smells when they go for walks.

Make sure their beds are lifted up off the cold ground.  You can get some hay and build up their kennel house and keep them off the cold ground.  Make sure the cold wind is NOT blowing directly into their kennel.  Turn it so the wind is against them.  Also maybe put it up against your home or another structure.

Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter will need to have extra calories during the winter months to insulate their bodies.  Dog food is fuel, and your pet needs extra fuel to burn during the cold winter months to keep them warm.  Be sure they have a fresh supply of clean water, not frozen water. They do sell heated dog bowls on Amazon.

Your pet will also need a heated dog bed or heated pad in their kennel.  It gets so cold some nights, they need to be warm too.


Always remember to bang a few times on the hood of your care on cold mornings. Your cat may be nestled against the engine for warmth, and thumping your car’s hood will get the animal to skedaddle to safety.




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