How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Taking care of a dog is not as easy as it looks. Our furry best friends need some special attention especially when it comes to their health. Dogs that are healthier and happier live longer. Dogs provide their people with so much love, affection, and companionship. And while every good dog owner provides the basics such as food and shelter, here are things beyond the basics that will help keep your dog happy and healthy for longer.

Let the dog spend time outside and inside the house, dogs get lonely and bored, especially if you leave them alone for too long. Most of the time, dogs are left outside, especially because of how big they are or because of shedding. Smaller dogs are commonly kept inside and never let out. However, when dogs are just placed in one area, whether it be the kennel, backyard or in the living room, they are bound to get tired of their surroundings. Let your dog run or lounge around. Dogs will also need to spend time and socialize with people and other animals.Provide health supplements giving your dog health supplements, vitamins, and minerals are going to be a big help to prevent any health threats. This also minimizes the chances of your dog developing genetic problems such as degenerative myelopathy as it ages. The pet food tragedy was a horrible wake up call for all of us regarding the food we feed our pets. Make sure that you are feeding a high-quality food that does not contain a lot of additives and chemicals. Often the suggested portions of the bag are incredibly high for the amount of exercise most pets get.

If your dog is a working dog on a farm, used for hunting, or for herding, and is in constant motion during the day, the suggested amounts might be okay. But if it is a pet that is relatively inactive except when you are home, rethink the portions that you give.

Walk, walk, and walk this is the easiest form of exercise you can give your dog, plus you also get to have a little exercise yourself. Dogs love taking walks, especially if they are not familiar with the area yet. To make it more interesting, take a different route every time you go out for a walk with your dog. Exercise also keeps them healthy and steers them clear of nerve problems like degenerative myelopathy. The type of exercise you choose for your dog should depend on many things such as the dog’s age, weight, health and breed of the dog. Is your dog eating a lot? If it is, is it eating out of boredom? Is your dog a hunter or a retriever who likes to run or is it a small breed who wants to sit on the couch? These are just a few of the questions you have to ask before you decide on your dog’s proper daily workout regime.

If your dog is old, you may have to encourage your dog to exercise – try simple things like walking to start. If your dog is pregnant, you should never over exercise her. Daily exercise is recommended for both unless there is an underlying medical problem. You should consult your veterinarian before you decide on a fitness program for your pet.

Remember, healthy dogs need interaction with other dogs and people too. Dog parks are perfect for this, and many of them even allow the dogs to play and walk unleashed. You should check the rules of the dog parks around your area. Most dogs enjoy games of the catch which are a good exercise for your dog. But you should be careful about using soft objects or tennis balls to avoid harming the dog’s teeth. Exercising with your dog creates a tighter human-dog bond. It is also one of the greatest ways to show your dog that you care about it and want to make it happy. And if you’re not sure if you’ve exercised your dog enough just remember this: tired dogs are often the happiest dogs.

ToysBalls, Bells, rawhides and squeaky little rubber toys will entertain your dog for hours on end. Just make sure that they do not contain any paint with harmful chemicals that could hurt them. These toys also help keep their mouth and jaw healthy.Protect from ticks, worms, and fleas ticks, worms, and fleas are the most common problems dogs encounter. These pests cause problems and illnesses with their skin, digestive system, and other organs. Make sure to talk to their vet when these pests start to show up on your dog. You can also prevent them by giving them medicated baths and worm treatment.Give them regular baths you don’t want to have a smelly dog running around the house. Keep your dog clean by giving it a bath once a week or twice a month. Also, brush their coat to keep it healthy and clean.Provide Obedience TrainingObedience training is an excellent way to socialize your dog with other dogs, people, and children. It teaches them the basic commands such as come, sits, and down, walking on a leash, and even non-verbal commands. It also gives them the ability to execute these commands with plenty of distractions groom regularly cleaning ears, teeth, bathing, and brushing their coats will help them avoid ear mites and infections, loss of teeth, and keep their skin and coats in pristine condition.

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How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy



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  1. Hernandez Martin

    To make your pet happy and healthy you should take care of their health. Give them proper amount of food. Give them fresh water. Take them for a daily walk. Do some exercise with them. To make them entertainment you should play with them. Daily brush up your pet’s teeth. Give your dog a bath using shampoo. Don’t keep them outside when temperature is so high also in cold whether. In cold whether take care of their skin and give them a cloth to wear. If they face some health problem then do the home treatment otherwise if sever health problem occur then visit to a good vet.



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