How to Keep Your Cat Safe Outdoors. Tips From Your Indian Trail Cat Sitter

Keeping your cat safe outdoors

How to Keep Your Cat Safe Outdoors

Cats are always seen as independent creatures. Many people think that cats need fresh air and freedom in order to be happy. The great outdoors, even in the form of short breaks, provides natural stimuli that cats find exciting and fun. They can spend this short time climbing trees, chasing mice and insects, and getting sunlight to take a quiet nap.
The cats that are allowed to go outside can choose to relieve themselves in a nearby garden, preventing the need of their owners to clean the litter box frequently. The outdoors is a suitable environment for a cat to exhibit certain behaviors such as scratching and marking territory.
The dangers of the outside
The health of cats outdoor is threatened by contagious diseases such as feline immunodeficiency virus, feline leukemia virus and other infectious disease.
Parasites such as fleas, ticks and worms usually attack cats that frequent outdoors. Outdoor cats can also be attacked by wild animals or other pets that roam freely. As unpleasant as it may sound, outdoor cats can be victims of traffic accidents, pet theft, poisoning, maiming, traps and animal abuse. Cats that are fond of outdoors should learn to cope with the extreme weathers and physical problems such as cold and hyperthermia.
Some of your neighbors may not like the idea of your cat digging in their gardens or have any business with them. This may result to your neighbors taking the law into their hands against your cat.
Moreover, cats that have not be neutered/spayed and are left to roam about, contribute to pet overpopulation by indiscriminately breeding.
Protecting your cat outdoors
If you’re going to let your cat out of your home, you already know the risks involved. Therefore, keep the following tips in mind to protect your cat as much as possible:
  • Give your cat a collar or a harness that includes their name and your phone number
  • Use a microchip; this will help you to identify the cat if lost
  • Never let the cat out of leash especially if you live near a busy road
    with many vehicles or aggressive dogs in the neighborhood
  • Make sure your cat’s vaccination are up to date and has been spayed
    or neutered
    Letting your cat out into the street is not the solutions to a problem of animal behavior; if you let your cat go out, that does not mean it will not continue to develop that behavioral problem when it returns indoors. On the other hand, a cat indoors is not completely free from risk and there is no guarantee that it will not contract contagious disease. 

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