How to Keep my cat healthy and healthy?


How to Keep my cat healthy and healthy?

How to Keep my cat healthy and healthy?

For those of you who have pets, they become like family members to you. We do all we can to help our fur-babies. Here are some tips to keep your cat healthy and happy:

1. The Basics

Cats have basic needs that we have to attend to. They need food, water, and shelter just like we all do. You will also need to keep a litter box clean, so your cat can have a spot to do its business. You will also need a carrier, and getting your pet micro-chipped is not a bad idea either. If How to Keep my cat healthy and healthy? your cats are outside pets, they may run sometimes. Being able to locate them will help you keep track of where your baby is hunting. Cats sleep most of the day, but when they are awake they will need something to play with. Some good toys include string, a toy filled with catnip. or a laser pointer (just keep it out of the cat’s eyes). It will help keep your cat from getting bored while you are at work.

2. Food

Just like all living beings, cats require clean water and fresh food. Cats can be more finicky than dogs. You may need multiple bowls for food. If you only feed your cat enough for one meal at a time, you will need multiple clean dishes. If you put out all of their food for the day, some cats will overeat. That, my friend, is how fat cats are born. Ask your veterinarian for brand recommendations.

3. Cats Can Be Very Finicky About Litter Boxes.

When your cat goes to use the litter box, they want it to be clean. If it’s dirty, then they will do their business elsewhere. A good, scoopable litter will be your best friend. Cleaning the litterbox every day will allow you to monitor your cat’s health as well. If they start going more or they can’t go or there are strange odors, your cat could be sick.

4. Take Your Kitten To The Vet

When you first bring home your new fur baby, make an appointment with your veterinarian. It is very important that you fur baby get all of her necessary shots. Getting your cat fixed is important as well (unless you are breeding this cat). Bring in your cat at least once a year for a wellness checkup. This can help you detect problems before they get too bad.




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