How To Hire A Cat Sitter In Indian Trail and Surrounding Areas of Union County

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How To Hire A Cat Sitter In Indian Trail NC
When you get to one of those moments and  realize that the vacation you have been planning for is already here, you have already bought the tickets, booked a hotel and even started packing a few things. The only thing missing, though, is hiring the cat sitter in Indian trail.  Of course, it’s not necessary to hire a cat sitter or so you think but the kind of professional services they offer is far much better than leaving your cat with the neighbors or friends. How do you hire a cat sitter?
You can begin the process through asking around the pet supply stores for recommendations on the best cat sitter. Most likely they get to share with a lot of their customers and also with the professionals themselves, meaning that it is easier for them to give you a great recommendation.  In addition, you can ask any of your friends who have ever used the services of a cat sitter. A cat is not similar to dogs and as such it is important to ask around for the lovers of cat to avoid disappointments later.
Once you locate a cat sitter who seems credible enough, you can ask around and check for references to ensure that they are legit. You can access his credibility through analyzing the cats that have been under his care in the past. How do they behave after leaving his care? They should be comfortable just as they were before they went under his care. It’s also great to check his overall performance on tidiness and animal care. If in case your cat is under some form of medication, it is necessary to notify the cat sitter in Indian trail in advance to ensure that they are able to offer the medication when the cat is under their care.
There are particular questions that you need to ask the cat sitter to affirm your faith in his professionalism. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask:
·      How long have you been a cat sitter? This question is aimed at ensuring that the cat sitter is experienced enough to handle the kind of job you are offering
·      Will you be making all the visits or is there another person who will relieve you in some days?
·      Will you be making the visits on your own or will you be coming with your friends as well?
·      Will you make your visit on a particular schedule or will it be random visits? It’s important to ensure that they maintain a specific routine (cats are animals of habit).
·      How do you usually handle emergencies in case there is one during the pet sitting process?
·      What kind of contact methods are you comfortable with as a cat sitter?
Lastly, you need to get the right answers as you analyze the cost of hiring the cat sitter for the specific period you plan to be away on vacation.
If you live in the Indian Trail are or surrounding area’s please feel free to contact Love and Kisses Pet Sitting as we service most areas in Union County NC 704-763-9857




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