How To Help Your Cat Get Rid Of Hairballs

How To Help Your Cat Get Rid Of Hairballs

Cat hairballs are balls of hair that are vomited from the stomach of the pet. They are sausage-shaped, and they are unpleasant to be found in your house. They result due to your cat swallowing hair and grooming. It is known that all cats groom themselves and thus swallowing of hair is a normal occurrence. Cat Grooming helps your cat to prevent hairballs and contributes to keeping the skin soft. Cat’s digestive system ensures that the swallowed hair passes through the intestinal tract and releases feces. However, in some cases, the hair is vomited instead which is like coughing up a hairball. You should ensure that your cats get rid of hairballs as well as you should help them. Here are ways on how to help your cat get rid of hairballs.

Brush Your Cat

Brushing your cat hair creates a valuable time for you to bond with your furry. Brushing will assist the cat to reduce the amount of fur the cat swallows during self-grooming. There are many comb and brush styles, soft plastic brushes work more efficiently on your cat’s fur texture. If your cat is prone to hairballs, you should use a shredder tool to reduce the shedding up of the undercoat. Good brushing reduces the hair that is ingested by the car, especially long-haired breeds. You should use a proper comb to brush that hair, and you should pair it with a damp washcloth that can be used to wipe down the has that has dropped during brushing.

Use Tablets, Treats, And Paste 

You should use laxatives to treat mild constipation and hairballs. Laxatives clear up the existing hairball issues and allow the hair pass through the digestive system. You should ensure you provide vitamins and minerals to prevent hairballs and encourage the best health for your bet. Furthermore, apply gels to the paw of the cat, and the cat will lick off and thus it will help. Flavored treats contain mineral oil and fiber to prevent hairball. You should consider chewable tablets to evade hairballs.

Change The Food Of The Cat

Certain brands of food are specifically designed to prevent the formation of the hairball. Using hairball reducing foods will get rid of the hairball, these provisions employ supplements for coat health and fiber for digestion. You should feed your pet with beetroots and brown rice to ensure your cat has healthy digestion, and the fur will swallow through the intestinal system. In addition, oils and vitamins keep the skin of your cat healthy and reduce both grooming and shedding.

Canned Pumpkins

Pumpkins are rich content in fiber. The natural fiber that is in pumpkins kept your cat regular and pushed swallowed hair out with bowel movements. You should mix two tablespoons of canned pumpkin to the food of your cat on a couple of times a week.

Olive Oil.

You should add a teaspoon of olive oil twice a week to the food of the cat to prevent the cat from vomiting the hairballs. It helps your cat to digest their foods very easily. Furthermore, olive oil helps lubricate the digestive system of your pet and allow the hairball to slide without disturbing her stomach.

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