How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell

How to get rid of Skunk Smell

When frightened, skunks release a strong and unpleasant spray containing sulfurous compounds. Since dogs are curious animals they are likely to end up with a face full of skunk smell if you live in an area where skunks are common. Skunk spray is very irritating to dogs. If you notice your dog has the unmistakable skunk smell and the eyes are red or watering, quickly rinse them with cool water and use saline eye drops.

Skunk Smell can linger on for several months if it gets into your household items. Do not allow your dog into the house before dealing with the odor. Below are 4 Ways you can get rid of the skunk smell on your dog.

Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid dish detergent.

Mix one quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, a quarter-Cup of baking soda and 1-2 teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. The detergent will aid in breaking

Skunk Smell

down oils in skunk spray. Hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate found in the baking soda will neutralize the skunk smell. 2% vinegar solution can also be used in place of hydrogen peroxide. You may have to double the solution for a large breed dog.

First, apply the concentrated mixture on your dry pet’s coat from the shoulders area to the tail. Care should be taken when applying the mixture around the facial area because hydrogen peroxide will burn if it gets into the eyes.Leave the solution on the dog for at least 10 minutes. Thereafter, thoroughly rinse off the solution preferably with the dog’s head tilted upwards to prevent the solution from getting into the eyes. Do not store the mixture for future use. It is unstable hence it could explode.

Skunk-specific Shampoo.

There are number shampoos available online and on pet supply stores specifically designed to get rid of the skunk smell. It is wise to have such a shampoo if you stay in an area where skunk-spray on dogs is common. Follow the instructions on the bottle on how to apply the shampoo.

Natures Miracle Laundry Boost Stain and Odor Additive – 32 FL Oz

Tomato Juice.

This is perhaps the oldest Way to get rid of the skunk smell from a dog. Wash your pet with regular dog shampoo then dry him off. Apply tomato juice on every inch of the pet’s coat and leave it to soak for about 20 minutes. Rinse off the tomato juice and the Wash your dog with shampoo once more. Repeat the process until you completely get rid of the skunk Smell. However, some pet owners claim that tomato juice only masks the Smell.

Natural feminine cleansing products. 

If your dog gets sprayed by a skunk yet you are far from a veterinarian and have no skunk-specific shampoo, you could use natural feminine cleansing products. A feminine product like Massengill can be used.

Mix 2 ounces of Massengill douche with a gallon of water for a medium-size dog. Apply the mixture on the dog’s coat until thoroughly soaked. Rinse after 15 minutes. You can then use a regular pet shampoo to clean the dog.

How to avoid a skunk spray

Since skunks are nocturnal animals consider setting up solar light in your yard or set your automated sprinklers to turn on throughout the night to make you yard less desirable to skunks.



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  1. Kylie Dotts

    It’s interesting how you said that you should wash the dog off with regular shampoo and then apply tomato sauce to them. I had never thought of this as a skunk treatment for pets so much as I did for people only. We live in an area where there is a decent skunk presence and we just bought a little puppy not long ago. I think that it would be better for us to be prepared than sorry, just in case one day he gets sprayed.



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