How to Get a Shy Cat to Come to You

Shy Cat

How to Get a Shy Cat to Come to You

There are many reasons why a cat may be shy. Cats may hide for different reasons, but most of which can be attributed to fear for one reason or another. But you can help your cat to be more relaxed if they are shy by simply changing the way you communicate with them and encouraging activities the cat will respond positively to. It is very important to socialize with your cat and make it feel welcome and wanted in the house. Some of the few suggestions below could help you get your shy pet closer.

If you noticed that your cat is the shy type, do not chase after it whenever it goes into hiding. This is specifically in the case that your cat has just been introduced into a new home. What you should do instead, is to give the cat some time to get used to the new environment. Even if the cat finds a hiding place it always likes to go into, don’t go digging after it. If you do, the cat may feel cornered and inflict you with some injuries with its claws, and it may also feel less safe.

The next thing is to set up the water and food bowl just outside the cat’s favorite hiding spot. A litter box can also be set up in the room where the cat likes to hide. Another good idea is to place some toys around the cat’s hiding spot. This may entice the cat to come out and play. But don’t expect the cat to come out and play with you at first. You are only required to leave the toys out for when the cat is interested in playing.

After setting up the water and food bowl in the cat’s hiding spot, start a daily routine of replenishing the cat’s water and food simultaneously, and also cleaning the litter box as well. Then plop down on the floor close to the hiding spot and try to spend some time talking to the cat. This will make your voice familiar to the cat, and with time, also gain its trust.

Another tip to get your shy cat to come to you is to try to attract the cat from its hiding spot with a tasty meal. Many cats find tuna fish quite favorably and will respond to it. Put some tuna on a plate some distance from the hiding spot and leave the place. At first, don’t try to go close to the cat when you see that it is out of its hiding enjoying the treat. Instead, start dropping off the treat as you are leaving the cat’s area, and then eventually, you can introduce the treat while staying just by the plate. When the cat feels confident that there is no danger around, it will come to get the treat while you are still there.

Another idea to get your shy cat to come to you is to tempt the cat out with a toy. When the cat has fully adjusted to its surrounding, attract the cat out of its hiding with a rattle mouse or feathery wand. This will make the cat warm up to you and you will finally have a good companion. When a cat feels shy or goes into hiding all the time, try to be patient. Don’t allow yourself to be upset about this behavior of the cat and yelling at it. That is never a good approach as it may have an extremely negative effect. We hope these few tips on how to get your shy cat to come to you are useful.





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