How to Find a Lost Dog

How to find you lost dog

How to Find a Lost Dog

The first step to take when searching for your lost dog is to be totally sure that your dog is truly lost. Dogs, especially the curious breeds, can easily find an interesting place at your backyard to explore for a while. Most times, no matter how much you call out to the dog that may not stop it from exploring its curiosity. Hence, it is important you search every corner of your residence before venturing out to look for your lost dog.

Once you are sure that your dog has definitely left your residence, do not panic yet, or calling out to other members of your family to start searching for the dog. Most times, dogs will return back to their residence soon after their departure. You may want to leave someone at home to contact others in case your dog wanders back home soon after the departure of the search party.

Dogs do not normally go far from their residence. They are just some curious animals that like to sniff around. So when launching your search team, make sure you stick around the house. Focus your search effort within the streets in your neighborhood, and try to find out from other dog owners if they have seen a dog that does not belong to them in the residence or a wandering dog. Chances are that a dog owner will notice a wandering dog more quickly than someone who is not a lover of dog.

While searching the neighborhood, ensure to call to your dog’s name. You dog can hear you from a distance and run to towards you. Do not rely totally on your sight only, because your dog might just be in between houses or just behind the bushes. If you have a dog whistle or a device that makes a loud noise your dog is familiar with, it can be used to get your dog’s attention. If you own other dogs, you can make them a part of the search team as they can become helpful in finding your lost dog by alerting you if they smell or see something of interest.

If all effort to find your lost dog proves abortive, then it is time to post lost dog posters. Once you have your posters ready, post them on your street; post those at the entrance of your neighborhood and in other strategic places people frequent easily. You poster should be marked with “LOST DOG”, and other important details like your dog’s breed and color. Provide your contact information on the poster also for people to contact you once they see a lost dog that fits your description.

Be sure to reach out to your local veterinary offices and animal emergency clinics in the event that someone has taken a lost dog to them. Provide them with adequate information about your lost dog and leave a poster with them if possible. You can also visit your local animal control and animal shelters to look for your lost dog. It is very possible that your pet could end up there. Checking newspapers classified section daily for Found Pet is also a god idea.




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