How To Decorate A Pet Friendly Home

Pet-Friendly Home

How To Decorate A Pet-Friendly Home

There’s no way around it. Pets are messy. They shed everywhere, track mud inside, and rip up your comfy couch. Thankfully, there are some tricks you can use to make your home stylish, damage-resistant, and safe for your furry friend.

Living Rooms

Living rooms are the most welcoming places in the house, which means pets will spend plenty of time lounging there. This leads to trouble if you haven’t decorated the space to be pet-friendly.

Pet-Friendly HomeFinding a Durable Couch

Choosing the right material is the key to getting the most out of your couch. Certain fabrics, like chenille, simply can’t hold up to kitty claws, while others gather hair at an alarming rate. We’re looking at you, tweed. Additionally, delicate materials like velvet and silk may not be sturdy enough to handle regular pet wear and tear. Instead, consider the following fabrics:


This durable material is resistant to snagging and easy to clean. Getting a couch with canvas slipcovers also means you can use the washing machine to remove stains.


The leather is a great choice, as you can find a wide variety of leather sofas and sectionals. Just make sure to opt for high-quality material, which will last longer and hold up better against scratches


This is the perfect fabric for pet owners who don’t like the look or feel of leather. Microfiber cleans easily, and animal hair comes right off.

You can also choose to match the color of your couches and chairs to your pet’s fur. This masks hair build-up and gives you more time between deep cleans. Patterned sofas serve the same purpose.

Finally, purchasing a comfy chair or bed specifically for your pet keeps the hair concentrated in one spot while making your living room guest- and pet-friendly

Strong Safe Coffee and End Tables

No matter what kind of pet you have, they are going to get rambunctious during playtime. This occasionally means collisions with furniture. A smart way to avoid serious accidents is to look for coffee tables and end tables with rounded edges.

The Kitchen

Kitchens should be the cleanest room in any house, but if you give pets free reign, it can be hard to keep them that way. Tracking down easy-to-clean food bowl holders helps keep everything looking neat and organized. Placing mats under water dishes may also prevent spills and slipping hazards.

Additionally, pet owners should consider investing in a curio cabinet for their more breakable dinnerware. Having a safe place to lock up and display china not only keeps it away from playful animals, but it also gives your kitchen or dining room a touch of elegance.

Pet-Friendly Bedrooms

The key to having a pet-friendly bedroom is the right sheets. Even if you don’t plan to let the dog or cat onto the bed, your sheets will inevitably attract stray hairs. Simple cotton sets with straightforward care instructions are a great choice to make frequent washing easy.

<p>Another option is setting up a designated pet bed in the room. This helps limit the hair to one area and also ensures everyone gets a good night’s sleep.</p>

Consider a Pet Room

One of the best ways to keep pets from damaging all your other furniture is to give them a room of their own. Fill it with toys and easy-to-clean armchairs to handle the worst of your pets’ shedding fur. If you have a cat, this would be the perfect place for a scratching post.

Having a pet-friendly mudroom is also essential to keep the rest of the house as clean as possible. Investing in a bench with a storage compartment allows you to stow leashes and rags for when dogs come inside with muddy paws.

Decorating a Pet-Friendly Home on a Budget

Finding all the pieces you need to make your home welcoming to pets may be a burden on your bank account. Thankfully, is here to help. You can find everything from living room sofas to easily-cleaned bedsheets and special pet furniture all in the same place.

While searching for the best pieces for your home, check out the local sales finder at Stay on top of the latest deals and get everything you need for a pet-friendly home without overextending your wallet.



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