How To Clean Your Dogs Ears

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Always remember to clean your dogs ears

How to Clean Your Dogs Ears

As can be seen, dogs’ ears can be floppy, soft, small or large. They come in various shapes and sizes, but despite the differences in their ears; the main purpose is to help them to hear. But when they become dirty and infected, hearing becomes a difficult issue for the dog. Dog’s ears can be very greasy more often than anticipated, which is why it is important to keep them clean from dirt. Dogs have sensitive ears, this pose a great challenge for many dog owners who engage in this procedure alone. In this article, we will consider how to clean your dogs’ ears the right way.

The first step on how to clean your dog’s ears is to make sure your hands are clean and free from dirt. You are encouraged to wash your hands or wear gloves before you start this procedure; this is to ensure that cleaning your dog’s ears does not result to further issues. Keeping your hands clean by washing or wearing gloves will protect your dog from further infections.

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Love and Kisses Pet Sitting 704-763-9857

Secondly, proceed to examine your dog’s ears for any possible problems or infections. Some of the symptoms to take note of include redness, dry skin, hair loss, discharge and bad odors. If you notice any of the listed symptoms, try as much as possible to contact your local vet for proper diagnosis. The symptoms could be as a result of infection which needs to be taken care of by a professional.

If you noticed that your dog’s ear hairs have grown too long, endeavor to trim them carefully to prevent them from trapping more dirt, wax build and moisture. These can lead to ear infections if not attended to.

Another way to remove the hairs from the ear canal of your dog is to use ear powder which you can purchase from your local pet store, or corn starch. You need a lot of patience to do this and also someone to help you hold the dog if it is difficult to control. Apply a small quantity of the ear powder into the ear and then fold back down, and massage for a while to disperse the powder. The powder will help loosen up the hair, making it easier to grip. Then start by using your fingers to pull the hairs little by little. You may also use hemostats to remove hairs that you cannot easily grip with your fingers.

Another important tip on how to clean your dog’s ears is by using appropriate ear cleaning solutions. You can simply apply 1-2 drops of the solution in your dog’s ears and massage the base of the ears to help the solution settle deeper. Next on how to clean your dog’s ears is the actual cleaning process. Witch Hazel can be an excellent ear cleaner, but you can also purchase ear cleaners at your local pet store. Swab or cotton ball moistened with the cleaner can be used to swipe out the ears. Ensure not stick anything down the ear canal too deep, but only clean as far as you can see to avoid inflicting injuries.

A separate ear swab should be used for the opposite ear in order not to cross contaminate the ears. These are great tips on how to clean your dog’s ears. Keeping your dog’s ears clean and free from hair and dirt is a good way to ensure that your dog have healthy ears free from infections and parasites. If you feel that the procedure is beyond you, you can always let your local groomer do the job for you.

You can always bring your dog to a groomer and have them do it while you wait.  They do this all the time.  Also, your veterinarian can do it for you too.





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