How to Assess Your Senior Dogs Quality of Life

It can be difficult to know if your dog has an adequate quality of life. If they developed medical conditions such as arthritis earlier in life, it can be tricky to tell how well they cope with illness and pain. Older dogs are good at masking their pain, so it’s essential that you are on the lookout for any changes in your pet. Here are a few ways to assess your senior dog’s quality of life, making it easier for you to make alterations to ensure he is comfortable and well looked after.

Difficulty Standing Up

If you notice your senior dog having difficulty standing up, this may be because they are experiencing arthritis or joint pain in their back. If your older dog will refuse to stand up, it’s more than likely that this is a sign of pain. You should monitor signs of pain, which you can hand over to your vet who can give your dog a close examination and discuss treatment options or surgery.

Using the Stairs

If your older dog is having difficulty climbing the stairs, this can be another sign of joint pain. If your senior dog suffers from arthritis or other medical conditions, getting up and down the stairs can be a challenge. There are several ways that you can make things easier for your dog, such as using a dog lifting harness to help him get up the stairs. No one wants to see their beloved pet in any pain, so making small adjustments to your home can go a long way in keeping your dog happy.

Other Signs of Pain

There are various other signs of pain that your dog may be experiencing. Make sure to look out for any whimpering, unusual aggression, withdrawal or quietness, not wanting to go out for walks or runs, stiffness and limping, as well as changes in behavior and personality. Only you will know your dog best so you should be able to notice any of these differences quickly. Older dogs tend to have difficulty swallowing too, which can cause them to go off their food.

Observe Mobility

When examining your senior dog’s movement around the home, you should be able to identify any issues with his mobility. If you notice he is having difficulty maneuvering around, you should consider installing dog stairs to help him get up onto couches or beds. There are also dog wheelchairs from K9 Carts which can help with mobility if your pet can no longer use his hind legs properly, helping him to lead a good quality of life in his later years. You will want your beloved pooch to move around with ease so making your home more accessible for your dog can make a huge difference.

If you have any concerns, it’s always best to take your dog to a veterinarian. Getting a checkup can stop your worrying and identify any problems with your pooch. No matter the issue, don’t hesitate to contact your vet. There are also several adjustments that you can make around the home to make it easier for your dog to move around, such as using a ramp on the stairs.

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