How Pets Improve Our Mental Health


The issue of mental health is receiving lots of attention in today’s society. In recent years, millions of dollars poured into research on the topic is finally yielding results. Our lifestyle is among the issues raised that affect intellectual health. The pressures of surviving and living affect our well-being significantly. Therefore, a lot of effort is being put into finding ways of how to improve mental health.


The growing pressures are promoting an increase in the number of mental diseases. Generally, there’s an increase in disease types when the modern world is compared to the old. Although the quality of treatment sees significant improvement, the numbers of diseases have also increased. Several tips to improve mental health are proposed now and then by the various ongoing research and experts in the field. One such emergent trend is the use of pet therapy mental health care.


How to Improve Mental Health by Improving Our Social Skills


Our social skills are a big factor when it comes to intellectual well-being. The ability to relate with others and handle ourselves in social settings relies on the skills. Therapists are often able to point out cerebral health issues based on an individual’s relationship skills. Our pets are perfect for therapy to help alleviate mental diseases because of the following reasons:


  • Our pets are great listeners – Having somebody to talk to is critical to improving our relationship skills. Well, although our pets may not offer the response we desire, they will attentively listen to you rant about your problems without cutting you off or judging you. That’s important with regards to improving mental health.
  • Solo living isn’t good for your mental health – Don’t be a loner especially if you’re struggling with mental well-being problems. Having a pet is an excellent way of how to improve mental health because they help you cease being solo. At least with a pet, you always have someone by your side.
  • Interactions with others – With a pet, you’ll always find yourself interacting with other people. Let’s say going to the park or beach to walk your pet; you’ll end up talking to other individuals.
  • Having a pet has a way of improving self-esteem and reducing social anxiety especially kids.


The majority of the tips to improve mental health focus on activities that help us grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. They attempt to put us in a state of Zen. Note that our intellectual health and emotions have a strong relationship. Our psychological symptoms are sometimes a result of emotional imbalance. Having pets improves our relationship skills that affect both emotions and intellectual health.


Physical Activities: Tips to Improve Mental Health


The mental diseases we suffer from can be helped by incorporating some physical activities to our daily routines. Having pets will make it work. Taking care of pets such as dogs requires scheduling regular walks to the park, playtime and so on – that’s some excellent source of physical activity. Among the many ways of how to improve mental health is engaging in regular exercises and other physical activities. 


Pet Therapy Mental Health Works Because Our Pets Will Love Us Unconditionally


The mental health emotions bond is so strong such that how we feel affects our intellectual state. Using pet therapy mental health works because our pets show us, unconditional love. Love is a basic human instinct and which we all need for a peaceful state of mind. Having pets is among the best ways of how to improve mental health because of the love they show us. Our pets will make us smile and lift our moods with so much ease.




Learning how to improve mental health is a process. It takes a significant amount of commitment, and resources such as time. You have to understand yourself and seek professional help to give your mental health care. The use of pet therapy is among the emerging mental health tips. It is a useful technique as you’ve seen. The pets keep you in check, alert but relaxed at all times.


How has your pet contributed to your intellectual health improvement journey? Please share with us some tips that worked for you.

Author’s bio: Missy Brown is a freelance writer from Chicago, Illinois. She loves pets, owns two dogs and a cat and interested in psychology. Really fond of reading and studying. She is currently working with her friend Max on other projects.    



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  1. Andrea Harris

    They are just great, arent they? I myself have a terrier. He is my esa and has been instrumental in me battling my condition. I say this from first hand experience they will love you more than you can comprehend. I got my esa from this website online myesadoctor within just 15 minutes. I have also travelled once in the flight with him. It was only my second flight. I dont know i was always scared of flights but this time he was there. I dont whenever i get anxious i just want him with me. He helps.


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