How Often You Should Bath Your Dog

How Often You Should Bath Your Dog 

Our pets are wonderful creatures. They should be treasured. Most people normally keep pets in their homes. These pets include dogs, cats, birds fish and so on. Our pets are our companions and our best friends. They provide companionship to all who love them. This is the reason why you should take care of your pet all the time. If you have a dog as your pet, you should ensure that you bath him so that he remains clean and healthy. The frequency at which you should give your dog a bath depends on a number of factors. Some of those factors include its: coat condition, skin condition, and living environment.

1. Condition of its coat

This is one of those factors that influence how often you bath your dog. This actually depends on the lifestyle that your dog leads. If your dog is

How Often You Should Bath Your Dog

dog grooming – bulldog getting ears cleaned by woman

constantly outdoors during the warmer periods of the year, then it is likely to get dirty. Some dogs like walking through mud puddles. Others like to swim in rivers and so on. Some of those rivers can be full of algae. In addition, some of those rivers can be so dirty. This means that you need to remove the algae, dirt and other foreign materials on its skin.

2. Sensitivity of its skin

If your dog has a sensitive skin, do not give your dog a bath too often. This is because your dog’s skin can get very irritated. Remember that if you use dog shampoo to bath your dog, it can leave a residue if you do not rinse it. It is advisable that you use a dog’s natural oil to moisten the dog’s skin now and then. If you have to bathe your dog, it is advisable to use a moisturizing shampoo. This shampoo will not make your dog’s skin  become dry. Try using an oatmeal shampoo.

A dog’s coat has certain attributes and every breed is different from another. This is the reason why you should identify the type of coat your dog has. This will actually affect how often you give your dog a bath. If your dog has an oily coat, you can consider bathing it more often with a shampoo that is for oily skin. However, if your dog has a drier coat, you should not bath it often. Ideally, you should bathe your dog every three months. This goes a long way in ensuring that it remains clean for a long period of time. However, it is important that you consider the above-mentioned factors before bathing your dog.  Feel free to ask your Veterinarian for tips on bathing for your pets breed.

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