How Much Water Your Dog Should Be Drinking

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How much water should your pet drinking

How Much Water Your Dog Should Be Drinking

We are aware that humans should drink about two liters of water daily, but what about our pets? As with humans, fluid intake is much more important than the amount of food we give our dogs, it is not good to ration their food and give them the amount their body requires why they lack proper hydration. To prevent this from happening, in this article we are going to show you how much water your dog should be drinking a day.

During the hot weather, it is essential to control the amount of water your dog should drink, because a lack of hydration could trigger heat stroke. Poor hydration for our dogs can also result to constipation. By not taking enough water their body requires, it will make their stool to become harder and hence, finding it difficult to pass out.

The amount of water your dog should be drinking daily varies; it depends especially on the type of food we feed them with and the weight of the dog. With that in mind, a dog that is on a diet based on dry feed will require more liquid than the one that is fed wet food. Veterinarians, however, recommend that you always provide dry feed for your dogs because wet food contains a much higher amount of fat.

Considerably, the weight of a dog to some extent determines how much water the dog should drink. For every pound a dog weighs, it should be drinking about 28ml or 1oz of water per day. Therefore, a dog weighing up to 10lb will need to drink 10oz of water per day. For a dog weighing 40lb, it should be drinking a liter or 1qt of water per day. In simple terms, your dog needs to drink a fair amount of water every day to stay in good health and keep thoroughly hydrated.

As for how much water the puppies should drink daily? Veterinarians advise that for the first three months, you should dilute their feed with water to make it easier for them to chew. While the food is hydrated, as the puppy begins to eat, the food and water will separate. Generally, the same calculation as above still applies to the puppies. But also remember that weather is an influence, so if temperature is high, the amount of water intake should be increased.

To maintain the body temperature suitable for our dogs, we should always serve them with fresh water that is not too cold or natural. Also, if you do not have the time to do the calculations above, it is advisable that you keep the bowl of water always full. When you do this, ensure to monitor their drinking habit. If a dog is not drinking enough water, it may be as a result of some ailment which means you have to go to the vet. The same thing happens if a dog is drinking excess water.

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