How Long Is A Pet Sitting Visit? Your Pet Decides!

Untimed Visits

How Long Is A Pet Sitting Visit? Your Pet Decides!

Ask most pet sitting services how long a pet sitting visit lasts and you’ll probably get a pretty standard response: “Oh, we offer 30 minute visits.”
But, ask Love and Kisses Pet Sitting how long a pet sitting visit lasts and you might be surprised with the answer.

“Your pet decides!”

That’s right. No longer does your professional pet sitter have to cram everything – meals, play time, and keeping your home safe – into a strict 30 minute block of time.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has become the first professional pet sitting service in Indian Trail NC  to offer untimed pet sitting visits whereby the family’s pet(s) decides when the visit is over. 

How it works

Untimed pet sitting visits have become a new and better way for professional pet sitters to serve their clientele. An untimed pet sitting visit means your professional pet sitter will not leave until your pet is healthy and everything that needs to be done has been done. How long that takes depends solely on your pet and his needs.

Your cat, for example, may be wary of strangers, even if she knows your professional pet sitter, and may require coaxing to come out from her hiding spot or you may be forced to feed her by hand. That coaxing could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. If you use a pet sitter who charges by the minute, you’re going to pay a lot more just for the time it has taken your cat to come out.

Quality over Time

Untimed pet sitting visits allow your professional pet sitter to focus on the quality of the visit versus on the time of the visit. Your pet may receive everything she needs and wander off to sleep in 15 minutes or she may require an hour. Your professional pet sitter isn’t concerned by the hands of the clock during untimed visits: She’s concerned about providing high quality care to your pet(s).

How You and Your Pets Benefit

You never have to worry about a higher fee if the professional pet sitter stays longer because there’s no time limit. Your professional pet sitter will stay as long as it takes to get the job done right. That means if your dog made a mess on the floor, she will still be able to care for your dog properly and to clean up the mess.

Your pets will enjoy quality time with your professional pet sitter. If your bird prefers to be fed by hand, for example, the professional pet sitter can take the time to do that instead of tossing all the food in a bowl and leaving because of time constraints. If it is a warm spring day outside and your dog wants to walk around the block once more, the professional pet sitter will take him. 

An untimed visit is designed to ensure both your and your pet’s’ happiness. 

What do you like best about untimed pet sitting visits?





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