How Findshadow Can Help Owners Reunite With Their Lost Dogs

Losing a dog is like losing a member of the family, and that’s frightening. You’ll spend your days worried about their well-being, and you’ll turn over every rock until you find them. Sadly enough, statistics show that 1 in 3 pets go missing.

Pet owners take all the necessary safety measures to ensure their cherished pet is secure and protected, but tragically, the unforeseen happens. If your pet is ever missing, you will need all the assistance you can get.

Additionally, every day, a dog runs away from home, and ultimately, someone will find them; if this is your dog, you hope they know what to do. Conversely, in case you find yourself in the situation, you should also know what to do if you ever find a lost dog.

With FindShadow, you can:

  • Help find a lost dog
  • Report a lost dog
  • Report a found dog


Shadow’s Story


When Shadow ran away, her owner, Brad, was lost and uncertain of how to locate her. Brad displayed flyers, spoke to a countless number of individuals, and posted on social media, but no leads were coming in. That’s when Brad knew he required extra assistance if he ever wanted to see Shadow again. Fortunately, with the aid of his community, they were reunited once more. Without the care, generosity, and benevolence of the community, Brad may have never reunited with his beloved pet.

Shadow inspired a more efficient way to help find lost dogs.  With the support of several incredibly hard-working individuals, Brad created a community-led organization, which is now known as FindShadow, that has already helped to find numerous lost dogs.


How It Works


FindShadow uses and develops technology to empower communities to help one another.

FindShadow is a community-led organization that utilizes the capacity of thousands of volunteers to reunite dogs with their families, using videos, photo-matching technology, and an extensive photographic database of lost and found dogs in greater LA and NYC/NJ.

They reunite lost dogs and their families again, quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the generosity of people in all places, they’re able to provide this service for free.

This service is available for dogs in LA County and greater NYC/NJ only, but if you need help elsewhere, you can give them a call. Their community has thousands of volunteers, so much so that they’ve helped reunite over 2000 dogs and their families.

The best part is that you don’t necessarily need to be a pet owner to join. You can sign up on their app and start helping from home right away.

Download their app for free on Google Play and Apple’s App Store and begin helping today!


Active Locations & Contact Information


FindShadow is available in the following locations:

  • Los Angeles County, CA
  • New York City, NY
  • Long Island, NY
  • Westchester, NY
  • Rockland County, NY
  • Putnam County, NY
  • Bergen County, NJ
  • Passaic County, NJ
  • Hudson County, NJ
  • Essex County, NJ
  • Union County, NJ


If you need further assistance, you can give them a call at 866-400-4001 or email:



Coming Together


A missing pet is an unbelievably tough and unimaginable experience, but far too often, it does happen, and no one should have to go through it alone. You might’ve accidentally left your door opened while you were putting your groceries away, your dog’s harness slipped off when they were trying to chase a squirrel, or they heard a loud, frightening noise that spooked them off; so many things can happen. It’s not anyone’s fault, and FindShadow is there to help you all the way through.

Irrespective of your situation, their app has vital tools to help you find your dog. These tools consist of creating flyers for you to print and post, supplying moral support, and offering detailed instructions to help bring dogs home safe and sound. The volunteers are with you every step of the way. Their number one goal is to save as many dogs as possible.

Remember not to lose hope. Swift action, coupled with a large community base who cares, will increase the odds of having your furry friend back in your arms. The volunteers at FindShadow first handling know the incredible feeling of reuniting you and your best friend, and they will do everything possible to make it happen.



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