How Do You Get Your Dog To Drink Water When Dehydrated ?

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting Save the Day!!!

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting Save the Day!!!

I had a client call me today asking ” How can I get my dog to drink water to avoid dehydration?  He just had surgery and he is not drinking his water, what should I do?”  Now, mind you the dog is a large breed dog and always drinks his water ALL DAY LONG.  I know this because we do 2 daily visits a day for this client because she works long hours.  I told her the things I would do for my dog if he did not want to drink.   I have heard these all work wonders, however, if you think your dogs is really sick please bring him to the veterinary office ASAP

*mix some beef broth into his water bowl

*smear some peanut butter on the inside of the water bowl

*get a syringe and fill with water and squirt slowly into his mouth

*Soak the dry food in the water. A friend did this and it helped. (I would try this one first)

*Some say to add dash of milk to the water, just enough to make it pale white

You should have your dog checked by the vet.  If he is dehydrated, he should want to drink water.  He may be ill.   Also, make sure his water and bowl are clean and free of any foul odors, and is away from any pests that may be sharing his water bowl.

Also, make sure the dog’s gums are a healthy dark pink, and not pale. If the dog feels cool to the touch, especially the gums, he could be anemic and needs to go to the vet immediately.



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