How Do I Keep My Cat Off The Christmas Tree? Indian Trail Pet Sitter Share a Secret.


How Do I Keep My Cat Off The Christmas Tree?

How would you keep your cat off the Christmas Tree?  I have gotten asked this question so many time that I wanted to share it on this blog.  With the holidays here and all our decorations are up, and our Christmas trees looking so beautiful, the last thing we want is for our cat to try to climb up into the tree.  One of my clients has a tip that I wanted to share with you all.  If your kitty can not keep her paws off the Christmas tree try this little trick…..

What works to keep your cat from climbing the Christmas tree?
sachets of orange peels hung around the bottom of the tree — smells good and the cats dislike citrus. My clients claims it works like a charm…Give it a try and leave us some feedback at the bottom of this page.

Good luck to everyone with  cats and hope this little tips helps you out over the holiday season.

If you are in need of Holiday pet sitting, give us a call at 704-763-9857 to schedule your free meet and greet with Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.  We are looking forward to helping you take care of your cats this holiday season.

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