Household Products That are Harmful To Your Pets

Household Products That are Harmful To Your Pets

 Household Products That are Harmful To Your Pets

Household products that are harmful to your pets are something all pet owners need to be aware of,  Indigestion of little washing ingredients, what we eat and crops can be fatal.  These symptoms can prove sometimes caused serious illness. For securing your pets you should take care following up on things to save your pets.

Some people place mouse killers or other chemicals for the killing of insects in their home or garage. When these chemicals exposed to their paws, they can cause ingestion which invites illness to your pet. If your pet is infected by these chemicals, you should  contact your vet immediately. 

Tobacco products are also responsible for making dogs sick and even kill them. If you are using tobacco try to avoid leaving out the packs of cigarettes as your dog can easily eat them.

You should also ensure that all the electric and electronic items in your home are out of reach. All the extension cords should be in a place where dogs can’t chew on them. All electrical appliances should be turned off or unplugged when are not in use.

Mouthwash contains boric corrosive; it can be unsafe to your pet. You ought to never flush your pet’s mouth with a germicide expected for people furthermore, keep the fluid out of reach as the scent can pull in canines and felines.

Antifreeze is VERY harmful to pets. That sweet smell of it attracts many dogs that drink the liquid. Never leave this product out around your pets.

Many people love to do gardening , leaving your plant food in your dog or cats reach can disastrous for pets. Plants as well can be harmful to your pets.  Plants that can cause harm to dogs are tulip bulbs, poinsettias, philodendrons, daffodils, lily of the valley, and azaleas. Try to avoid planting those where your pets can get to them. If you store and use lawn and plant products you should be very careful your pet doesn’t have access to them. These products can be very poisonous to the pets and should be stored in a safe place. If your lawn has been treated don’t let your pet out or it can become very sick, even if your pet doesn’t come into direct contact with the substance it will eventually lick its paws and ingest chemicals.

Just as you would child proof your house if you had young children, you should pet-proof your house if you have pets. There are many substances around the house that can make your pet severely ill. Seemingly harmless products such as detergents  (TIDE ESPECIALLY) and cleaning supplies can be lethal to pets. 

Aspirin can kill an animal by altering its oxygen levels resulting in the animal swelling, vomiting and even dying. Certain medication can potentially kill your pet so you must make sure that they are kept out of their reach. Pets enjoy sniffing and exploring and many animals are resourceful and persistent enough to get into cabinets so use a cabinet lock if possible to prevent this from happening. Animals like tasting things and they might ingest medication and become seriously sick.

Giving your pet human medication can kill it so never attempt to medicate your pet without the supervision of your vet. Some human medications are lethal to animals and should never be used. Vets may sometimes prescribe human medication but they are experienced enough to do so and know which medications can cause reactions in a pet.

Air fresheners and insect repellents can cause a death of a pet very quickly so refrain from using these products if you have birds, rodents or fish. Some larger pets such as dogs and cats can get an allergic reaction from aerosols so be careful when using these substances.

Never leave chocolate lying around as many animals enjoy its taste and will eat it. Chocolate is lethal to most pets and you should never give it to your pet as treat. Give your pet healthy treats which have been formulated for your particular pet.

Symptoms of poisoning can include seizures, salivation, and drooling, tremors, excessive urination, and vomiting. If your pet exhibits any of these signs take it to the vet for immediate emergency care.

Poison Control hotline Call (800) 222-1222

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  1. Debra G

    I am a pet sitter in Phoenix and sometimes I accept to spend nigbts in homes heavy with air freshner, the type that plugs in the outlet. It was hurting my lungs and eyes. One dog already has cancer. I unplugged them while I was there and left them unpmugged when I left. I did not have the strength to replug them, due to my concern for the dogs. Can you advise me on this common problem?



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