How Hot is TOO HOT To Walk Your Dog?

How Hot is TOO HOT To Walk Your Dog?

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. No other domestic animal can compare to a dog. Pets such as Rabbits or cats are indeed adorable. However, at 6 pm after a long work day, who can greet you like a dog? They let their owners know just how happy they are to see them. A dog’s affection and loyalty to their owner or owners cannot be matched by any other four-legged domestic animal. Cats do not respond when they are called by name. Most dogs will respond to their owner. Reported incidents of families being awoken during a house fire are usually of dogs. So, it easy to understand why most dog owners are appreciative of their four-footed companion. So, it is very important to dog owners know when it is too hot to walk their pets. This will help to ensure a long healthy life.

Most, if not all dog lovers, know about Cesar Millan. This writer has seen his television program in the past. I can definitely attest that the title, “dog whisperer” that Mr. Millan was crowned with, is indeed well deserved. I am not sure if I have personally seen someone so in tune with man’s best friend. It is truly remarkable how Mr. Millan can assist in changing a dog owner’s hopeless situation. Any advice Mr. Millan shares on protecting one’s dog from extreme heat should be heeded by dog owners. On Mr. Millan’s website,, Mr. Millan lists ten things dog owners should do in order to protect dogs from the extremely warm weather.

Of the ten points, Mr. Millan illustrated, only four pertained to walking. So, for the purpose of this article only those four points were concentrated on. A dog owner can know when it is too hot by letting their furry friend “test the water for themselves.” Mr. Millan explained that dogs don’t understand why their owners are reluctant to walk them. He informs that dog owners should let their pet or pets walk outside in the warm weather. He states that the dog will understand it is too hot to go for a walk and the pet will then look to re-enter the home for safety. Dogs need to walk, so Mr. Millan advises dog owners to walk their dogs early in the morning or very late. Temperatures are often milder during these times. He recommends that if an early or late walk cannot be done, then dog lovers should place booties on all four paws. Many dog owners would wonder why booties would be worn in summer. Heat rises from the ground and dogs absorb and extricate heat through their paws. Dog booties prevent the severe warmth from coming into contact with their paws. A third point, Mr. Millan shares, that if it is not feasible to walk early or much later in the evening, and booties are not available, dog owners should then keep an out for dehydration. How can one know when they beloved companion is dehydrated when they do not sweat. Dog owners can spot this if they notice excessive drooling, the eyes appear bloodshot, the skin takes a longer time resetting when it is lifted, and the dog becomes lethargic. Lastly, dog owners need to keep their pets hydrated and understand that darker coated dogs absorb greater amounts of heat as opposed to lighter colored dogs. Mr. Millan recommends having cold water attached to a dogs vest for two purposes. The cold water next to his body will aid in keeping the animal cool, and secondly, it is available if their pet or pets need to consume it during a walk. Mr. Millan points on protecting dogs during warm weather included, due to many dog lovers being located in prolonged warm environments. For instance, many dog lovers reside in extreme warm areas like Arizona. Many times places like Arizona have long bouts of uncomfortable days, and unfortunately, dog owners may feel the need to brave a less humid day in order to relieve a frustrated pet. Yet still, there is a line that dog owners should not cross, due to dogs being susceptible to heat stroke.

In California, ABC 7 news ran a story about knowing when it is too hot to walk a dog. The Moon Valley Canine Training Center, located in Sonoma was featured in the story. One simple action is needed to know if the weather is too extreme for dogs. The action is called the five-second rule. It involves placing the back of one’s hand on an outside cemented or asphalted surface. If a person cannot keep the back of their hand on the ground for five seconds, then the weather is too extreme to walk their particular dog.

It is very important for dog owners to understand that proper care for their four-footed friends is administered. Some dog owners, particular novice owners, may not understand that their beloved pet is affected differently from humans. For instance, a novice owner may feel well enough to take a walk on a warm day, but not understand the paws are absorbing a large amount heat causing the pet to become dehydrated. The untrained eye will just notice a panting dog and believe this is normal behavior for the animal. A novice owner may even think since they can be cooled by a fan, so can their beloved friend be cooled by one. However, dogs cannot be cooled with fans. So, it is important for dog owners to understand the sensitivity involved with caring for their pets. Dog lovers need to understand that dogs are different and that even a simple walk on a warm day can be dangerous for their pets.

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