Why It Is a Good Choice to Hire a Pet Sitter in Indian Trail and All of Union County NC

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Why It Is a Good Choice to Hire a Pet Sitter

Are you a pet owner who is wondering whether to hire a pet sitter or send your pet to a pet boarding kennel while you are out of town? If yes, then welcome to this post, relax as we give your some information why a pet sitter is the best choice to make for your pet while you are on holidays or business trip.
Personal care
When you hire a pet sitter, your pet will get a personalized, one-on-one care. Even though care is also provided for pets in a boarding, your pet will not receive a special or individualized treatment they would if they were taken care of by a pet sitter.
There will be no inconvenience

When you hire a pet sitter, you can be certain of being free from any form of inconvenience. Your pet sitter will come to your home to care for your dog, cat and other pets, so you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your pets or picking them up from a kennel. Pet sitters are more likely to work


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around your schedule and provide you the comfort that you’re likely to desire and appreciate.

Less stress for your pet
Your pet will also feel more comfortable and happy in its own house rather than staying in a kennel. Your pet will feel more comfortable in its familiar environment with its own pets, bedding, food dishes and more while you are away.
Hire without reservation
When you are in need of a pet sitter, you can be able to hire at the last minute. Pet sitters recognize the fact that last minute travel is always a possibility, and pet owners will try to meet the needs and care of their pets as much as possible before embarking on that emergency trip. But with a kennel you may be required to make advance booking and there is also the possibility of the kennel filling up quickly. If you want your dog or cat to feel safe and receive individualized treatment, choosing a pet sitter to care for your pet is the best choice.
Services and fees
Pet sitters offer their services at an affordable rate compared to the many benefits included. Apart from providing an individualized care for your pet, they also provide other services like cleaning services and walking your pets, water your garden, turning the lights off and on and other related activity of caring for the apartment while you are away. In the case of emergency, your pet sitter can also help take your pet to your vet before your arrival.
When trying to decide whether to take your pet to a kennel or hire a pet sitter, one of the most important things you should put into consideration is the comfort of your pet; which is between a kennel and home. Hiring a pet sitter implies inviting the person to your home to care for your pet while you are away, which is more preferable to boarding your pet in a kennel. 





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