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Daily dog walking

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Daily Dog Walking

We all know how important it is to take our dog for a daily walk. As a matter of fact, this is one of the things everyone knows he should do when he conceives the idea of bringing a dog into the family, but only a few dog owners actually have the time and discipline to put this into practice.
A dog is a pet, our faithful companion that requires care and attention, and not a vase that is used to adorn the floor.  Apart from giving your pet the desire attention, updating vaccinations and feeding, taking your dog for a walk to socialize and exercise are equally important. As much as you had a bad day or just tired, your pet still needs to go for a walk for the following reasons:
Exercise: the dog, just like humans need regular exercise to stay in good shape. The walk is also a way to stimulate your dog both physically and mentally. As a dog owner, you must ensure that your pet exercise daily to avoid diseases such as obesity and arthritis. A bored dog also tends to have destructive behavior. Engaging in exercise will help your dog relief stress and anxiety which normally result to biting objects, barking etc.
Socialize: taking your dog out for a walk will help in socializing with other dogs and people, and this will help reduce future fearful or aggressive behavior. It is important to let your dog get used to the environment and people from puppyhood so that it react to different animals appropriately.
Reinforce discipline: when you take your dog out for a walk daily, this routine to will give the dog stability. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity to reinforce some training if done appropriately. This can be done by alternating moments of leisure with disciplines.
Your dog will get better sleep: this is also one of the many great benefits of daily walking for your dog. Your dog will be tired after the walk, and this will make it able to eat well and sleep even better.
If by any chance you cannot take your dog out for a walk as it deserves because of work, illness or holidays, there are professionals who can do it for you. Love and Kisses Pet Sitting can do this for you and your dog will love you even more for hiring us.
At Love and Kisses Pet Sitting we are passionate about dogs and enjoy their company; we also make sure the dog have a wonderful walking experience. We are experienced dog walkers, and we understand their behaviors and communications. We are ready to walk with your dog for as long as it wants. We will gladly come daily to walk your dog.  You can set up the schedule you would like for us to follow, daily, weekly and monthly service is available for this dog walking service we offer.
Daily walking is one of the best things you will ever do for your dog, so from today make sure your dog get a daily walk. Remember, if you’re too busy or sick to walk with your dog, you can always call on Love and Kisses Pet Sitting in Union county to help give your dog its due benefit.
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Daily dog Walking



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