One Reason Why You Should Hire A Professional Pet Sitter and Not The Kid Next Door

Add for pets itting with SnugglesHere is a Great Reason To Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

Here is a GREAT reason why you should NOT hire the kid next door…..I received a call tonight at 9:30pm from a young boy that tells me he is doing the afternoon visits for one of my clients that we are pet sitting for also. This client is away for a week and wanted to save some $$ so she broke up the visits between us and this boy (I did not know it was a young boy, I thought it was a neighbor friend)…. He tells me he is sorry because he forgot to go over and let the dogs out this afternoon because he was having fun playing at his friends house and forgot about the dogs!!!!! MY sitter went to do the evening visit at 7pm and stay the night with the dogs….So these 2 dogs were in their crate from 7am (when my sitter left them this this morning until 7pm…urggg!!! THAT IS WHY YOU HIRE US!!! We do NOT miss visits. We also have a back up plan if a sitter is unavailable in case of an emergency….. HIRE THE PROFESSIONALS !!! DO NOT TRUST A KID DOWN THE BLOCK!!! THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH!!! PLEASE !!!!#hireaprofessionalpetsitter

At Love and Kisses Pet sitting we are on top of making sure all visits are covered!!! We also have a back up sitter plan in place in case the main sitter has an emergency and cant get the the house. In the office here, I am always checking to make sure all sitters are doing the visits and I can see when each visit is marked off their job sheet. We have a pet sitter software that we ALL stay connected with so missed visits DO NOT HAPPEN. CALL THE PROFESSIONAL PET SITTERS TO CARE FOR YOUR PETS NOT THE KID NEXT DOOR!!!!

Here is one more story of why you should not hire the kid next door Click here




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