There have been many instances when we have truly struggled to find the perfect gift for someone special because they either have everything they need or you really want to outdo yourself by thinking outside the box. Well, next time if an occasion like that is to come up you will know exactly what kind of bespoke gift you need to be getting for the special person which is a beautiful hand made a portrait of their pet!

  • It will take them for a stroll down memory lane

Someone who has a pet will always cherish every time they have spent with their beloved animal. These adorable animals mean a lot to them, and so a gift that reminds them of a special time or moment with their pet will probably make for a great gift for these people. This can be an old pet who is no longer with them, or you could have a picture recreated in the form of a unique painting that really reflects their personality. A gift like this will be truly appreciated by the person receiving it because they can hang it where ever they please and it will bring a smile to their faces whenever they look at it.

  • The portrait should stand out

It is extremely important that the portrait captures the essence of the pet which is what will make it all the more special. If you know the pet yourself, it will be easier to describe it to the painter. Or you could also get a SketchGrowl pet portraits that specialize in creating crazy yet tasteful pieces that will be sure to attract some attention. If you are interested in a certain style of painting, then you should do some research on people who specialize in making pet portraits and each one of them usually has a distinct style. Watercolor is a popular way to make pet portraits, and it enables a very picturesque and colorful picture to be formed.

  • It makes for a great gift

It doesn’t really matter what the occasion is, whether it is a birthday, Christmas time, anniversary a specially crafted hand portrait will always be appreciated. These portraits are also made by people who are professional painters, who only use the best quality items to make their portraits to ensure that customers are always satisfied. You should also be sure of the size of the portrait you want keeping in mind where it could be placed in the house.

  • You can have one of your own

If you are thinking of having a wall art piece for one of your rooms to bring some color in the space, you could consider getting a bespoke pet portrait of your own! It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a pet if you are an animal lover you will love having a piece of your own.



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